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Understanding the Complex Varieties When Dealing With Any Top Wholesale Apparel Supplier

Thanks to top celebrities, fashion designers and the unconventional demands of the end customers it, the wholesale apparel supplier are offering humongous varieties in their shirts department. And the customization option multiplies the extent of these varieties to infinity, literally.

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Target audience

If you are into shirts business or planning to enter this world, you have to be very peculiar about the audience base you want to target. This will straighten out all your confusion about what kind or variety you should bulk.

Formal and informal– plain shirts, as well as striped ones, are more for formal occasions. While polo shirts, tees, and even long sleeve t-shirts are more preferred for informal events.

Different age groups– this is one very important aspect that you should be very thoughtful of when buying your stock from wholesale apparel supplier. Assumingly, teens would prefer printed tees, while plaids would be adored most by new adults. And late adults will stick to plain or formal shirts.

Which gender– it’s a no brainer to think which gender are you really going to target. One problem in this area, though, is that the choice of both women and men has mixed and become very neutral. So one can’t really be sure of what type or variety would prefer the most by which gender. But still, consider the old presumption ‘denims for women and flannels for men’.

Purpose– people shop for shirts to meet their different needs and purpose. Many look for shirts for festive seasons like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Chanukah. Others look for shirts that would complement their vacationing days. Also, people consider seasonal trends equally. So if are really serious about your business you can be thoughtful to even small details like these.

More varieties in micro-niche

Plaids, denims, plains, polo, tees, prints, flannels and more are some very standard options of shirts. If you will jump in their micro-niche world, you will drown; drown of countless varieties.

Tees comes with many graphics. Plaids and flannels come with many color combination. Plain and formal shirts come in many different designs. Print shirts come with many awesome patterns. Hooded shirts come in many different styles. And this saga continues. Phew!

Staying Neutral

Chances are you are confused to which audience should you target; many businesses are. After all deciding which audience base would be most profitable is a tough task. Until you figure that out, you can stock some neutral types or varieties of shirts; pieces that are consistently demanded by everyone despite any distinction.

Some standard types are black and red plaids and flannels, text tees, light color formals, dark color hooded shirts, grey linen shirts, solid color polo t-shirts and dark denim shirts. These varieties are very safe with their long history of persistent demand. So contact any top wholesale apparel supplier now to stock all these varieties.


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