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Top 3 Summer Shirt Designs For This Season!

Looking to slay summer with your style – then you will need some summer shirts to make the difference. In this blog, we are going to take a look at the top 3 designs for shirts that you can wear this season, on the beach or on the streets.

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Let’s take a look now and get buying now:

1. The Pastel Linen Shirt

If you like pastel linens, then you are in luck, because this summer is going to be all about it and more. Pastel colors feel great in the summer heat, and help keep you light and cool.

On the other hand the linen is a great material for the summer and the organic fabric keeps you away from any sort of skin irritation.

Pastel linens are a must in your wardrobe if you are going to make a summer collection that is both varied and keeps it simple.

2. Color Block Cottons

Cotton is the summer fabric all over the world and the color block design has gained considerable fan following, thanks to shirts wholesalers.

This design follows some of the most important motifs of the season – it has lots of color, comes with a comfortable fit, and makes for a refreshing change of pace from all the layering during winter.

Once you do have color block cottons in your wardrobe, your beach shorts will have new friends to pair with – and that is definitely a welcome change for your wardrobe.

3. The Cotton Long Sleeve Tee

We know we said shirts – but this tee had to make the list. The cotton long sleeve is a classic and has been one for years. You could literally pick it in any color, whether it goes for black, grey, or something more pastel and colorful, and still it will add value to your collection.

Even retailers who are buying shirts in bulk, cannot seem to get enough of this and that is what makes the long sleeve a must for every wardrobe.

Now that you have figured out the 3 shirts that are making all the trends this summer season, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a trusted retailer today and make sure that you have all the choices listed above.

Because it would be a waste to blaze the heat unprepared!