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The Polo Shirt Trend Continues to Turn Heads in 2016

It would be wrong to say that the polo shirts are back because they’ve never really been out of fashion. They continue to remain extremely popular and can be considered as the new ‘it’ shirt of 2016. The secret of this popularity is hidden in its unique appearance and unformatted combination of classic and sport styles. These shirts can be easily paired up with trousers, denims and shorts and is a great alternative to the usual business suit. Women, too, seem to have taken a liking towards this trend and designers have left no stones unturned to create polos in styles that are apt for the fashion-conscious women.

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Not as Simple as a Regular T-Shirt

One of the main reasons why polos are the most preferred t-shirt is its versatility. It is not as simple as a regular t-shirt but also not as formal as an office shirt. It actually borders between formal and casual. Not only can one wear them with sneakers, but it looks great with formal as well as other types of casual shoes. It’s extremely easy to pair it up with any kind of outfit and one can look fashionably laid-back yet put-together. Slim fit polo shirts wholesale are made available by top manufacturers in a wide array of colors, prints and styles to cater to the diverse demands. The only thing to consider when buying polos is that it fits snugly. Everything else automatically falls in place once the t-shirt is comfortable to wear and is not too tight or loose.

Think Out of the Box

A wide variety of polos are made available today by leading designers who like to dabble with latest trends and styles with a touch of conservatism. As these shirts can be worn from work to the streets and even to the pub, one can always think outside of the box to create one’s own personal sense of style. Getting in touch with a textured polo shirt supplier would help in opening up a world of design possibilities that you might have never even considered. With advances in manufacturing techniques, customization is considered as an everyday thing. Business owners can even think about launching their own private label polo clothing with quirky patterns and striking prints.

Polos are made using top-notch quality fabrics that fends off moisture and locks away odor, making it the perfect t-shirt for work and play. Manufacturers and wholesalers provide awesome discount rates on purchase of cheap polo shirts wholesale! Stock it up or use it as a promotional product to boost your business.