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The Life and Times of Polo and How it Came to Be!

Polo shirts are a staple in the elite man’s wardrobe and has over time found its way into a number of games that have been mostly associated with the upper strata of the Western society. Also known as the tennis shirt and golf shirt, this is as utility clothing as it gets, and is often a good fit for all kind of formal, semi-formal, and in recent times, even casual events.

First developed by then tennis superstar Rene Lacoste in the late 1920’s, it was meant to be a more comfortable alternative to the prevalent tennis wear of the age, a button down shirt with cuffed sleeves and starched collars. Lacoste instead designed a shirt with short sleeves and a collar with placket having no more than 3 buttons. One of the signatures of this type of shirt was introduced then and is today known as the ‘tennis tail’, because of the back tail of the shirt is longer than the front.

Into Other Games

Much to the delight of polo manufacturers that were making the shirt then, the apparel quickly started making sense for other sports as well. It was when this shirt gained wide spread appreciation from the polo fraternity, that the name started catching on.

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Polo shirts are made from knitted fabric which can come from cotton, silk, or even modern day synthetic microfiber cloth (which is how you can now wear polo to your workouts as well). Over time, the shirt also became acceptable in golf, another leisure of the elite macho man. It is these kind of associations that made the polo popular, even among the masses and their effort to identify with the rich and famous.

Today’s Scenario

From Lacoste’s design to being proclaimed the uniform top wear for polo players, polo or tennis shirts have come a long way from its inception in the 1920s. Today custom polo shirt manufacturers are going all the way with different patterns and blends of microfiber fabrics from polyester to nylon, and prints, from regular to sublimated.

Now, wholesale polo manufacturers  have tried all kinds of things to make it more appealing to the youth as well – barring just middle aged rich people. Let’s take a look at some of the changes that you can see in the polo in 2018 –

Polo Shirt Suppliers Like Variety

Polo today is not just limited to solid colors and you can find everything – from stripes to checked and even geometric prints. These new apparels have one the heart of millions and while the age-old classic still lives on a healthy dose of style and appeal, polo in general has come a long way, as it comes closer to its century mark!

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Contrasting Pockets

Contrasting pockets have now become quite the thing in the polo loving community and with good reason. These have added a new more dynamic fashion appeal and broken away from the stipulated polo look that has been as bland and necessary as the every morning English breakfast.

A Part of Modern Workout Wear

While it was always a part of sportswear, it has now even made its way to your weight racks. More men and women today are wearing moisture wick polo shirts as part of their workout wardrobe and it is definitely working. The manufacturers have made sure that these shirts do not hinder any movement and give only the best of experience to workout goers.

This is how the polo story was written and we, the lovers of polo, will have to wait and watch to see how the apparel evolves and adapts further. However, the lasting thought on your mind should be the fact that Rene Lacoste was indeed successful in making a shirt that can adapt, as it continues to do, even today!