The Immense Popularity Of Wholesale Flannel Shirts!

Flannel is a soft light woven fabric made of blended wool, cotton or even synthetic fiber nowadays. Generally flannel shirts would come in the plaid pattern with the fabric woven of different colored yarns in a cross barred pattern. In fact, this pattern was highly popular in 1990’s with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam using it as their trademark. As they say fashion repeats itself and so has these wonderful flannel shirts. One of the basic requirements of endorsing a flannel shirt is a svelte or well toned body since tartans amplify heft. Otherwise, if you still insist on wearing a flannel shirt only, then you must look beyond.

The growing popularity of this age old trend of flannel shirts has given an upsurge to wholesale flannel shirts. Buying these shirts in bulk makes sense for retailers and store owners since they get lot of customers who are looking for these trendy shirts. But what makes these flannel shirts so popular among youth is something to ponder.

All season wear

These shirts are an all season wear. They can be comfortably worn in both winter and summer season alike. These shirts maybe better than a jacket for those cold dreary days. You just have to wear a plain undershirt preferably in white or black.

All purpose wear

These can be worn as both casual and formal wear. While wearing it to office, just ensure that the buttons are fastened well to give the gentleman appeal. The same shirt can be modified for a casual feel by just opening a few buttons or all (obviously with an undershirt). A pair of denims and sneakers would finish the look with perfection.

Greatly versatile

The very same flannel can be used by both men and women. These shirts are meant for people of all sizes, tall or short. These shirts come in a myriad of patterns. Besides the tartan pattern, you can incorporate fine prints like birds or small uniform geometric patterns in the entire shirt for a more sophisticated appeal.

The fine construction of flannel withstands the day-to-day work of even the toughest outdoor man. These features make it so universally appealing. As a dealer in these shirts, its best to buy in bulk at cheap prices from quality manufacturers. After all, every guy wants to have the perfect flannel shirt in the closet especially when the temperatures begin to drop.


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