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The Chicest Polo Shirt Styles for a Wardrobe Upgrade

When most people think of a polo shirt, they picture a short sleeve pique polo mostly worn by tennis players. But did you know that there are many different types of polo shirts that are equally popular? In this blog, we’ll break down the most popular types of polo shirts available and the coolest way to style them. Wholesale polo shirt manufacturers have designed a fashionable collection that private label business owners can have a look at.

Thus, read on to know more.

Short sleeve polo shirts

These are the most common types of pools. They can be made from many different materials, and they come in all sorts of different colors and patterns. The basic structure is always the same which consists of short sleeves, shorter torso length, soft, unstructured collar, etc.

Pique polo shirt

The most common type of polo is a pique polo. You’re probably familiar with the weight and feel of a pique polo.They’re heavier than t-shirts or dress shirts, which gives them plenty of drape. The fabric is textured and has a bit of natural stretch.

Pima cotton polo

Short sleeve polo’s can also be made from lighter weight cotton. These wear more like a t-shirt than a pique polo. Or these can be made from cotton or poly blends or technical performance fabrics. Many athletic and golf apparel brands use performance fabrics to increase flex and moisture wicking capabilities.

Long sleeve polo’s

The only difference here is the sleeves. Long sleeve polo shirts have full length sleeves, just like sweaters or button up shirts. Sometimes, long sleeve polo’s will have unique details that set them apart from their short sleeve counterparts, such as button down collars or structured, buttoning sleeve cuffs.

Wool polo’s

A dressier version of the long sleeve polo, these are almost like Merino wool V-neck sweaters, just with collars and buttoning plackets. These are best to be worn for the cold season with your favorite flannel trousers and a bomber jacket.

Golf polo’s

These typically have short sleeves for mobility. They’re pretty much always made from some sort of performance fabric, which means they have plenty of stretch built in. The fabric often has other helpful attributes built in, such as moisture wicking or temperature control.

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