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The Ultimate Guide To Wear Men’s Dress Shirts For This Hot And Sultry Summer

The weather has already warmed up and men are kind of struggling to look sharp and feel fresh. Whether you are at office, chilling at a pub on a weekend or attending a family get-together, you need to get the amazing blend of fashion and comfort. For men, the most versatile and commonplace closet staple is the dress shirt. No matter how broad is your range of options, you should always have the right knack to wear the summer appropriate dress shirts for the warm and sultry weather.

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Dress shirts no longer exclusively belong to the accountants or lawyers, as they are now worn by fashion forward men for various occasions, in an array of attire options. These wholesale mens shirts follow some etiquettes when they are styled for summer.

1. Without displaying your whole chest, you can either button up totally, or leave one or a few buttons open for this warm season.

2. When the weather gets hotter, you can turn up your cuffs or roll them up to the elbows.

3. For formal occasions, you need to tuck in the business shirts and for casual ones you can simply untuck them.

Now that you have a vague idea to style the summer dress shirts, here are some trends to follow and achieve different ensemble options.

Summer Business Casual Look

During the summer, you can look smart and keep cool in the dress shirts with perfection. Instead of doing the black or blue suit, or untucking the shirt for a messy and unkempt look, you should think otherwise. Choose lighter and soothing color palettes like sand, cream, beige, pale grey, be it for the shirt or the formal suit that you go for. To complete the look, settle down for minimally designed brown shoes with pale socks. If you want to wear a tie, make sure to go for a cotton one.

Party Wear for Summers

Get the perfect balance of smartness with causal vibes for partying in style during summers. The party look for this hot season can be carried effortlessly in a mismatched suit with a dress shirt. The linen or cotton darker navy blazer and tie to match with the pale shirt would be good to start off with. For complementing the blazer, the light colored trouser would be great.

The Casual Ensemble for The Hot Season

To chill in the pub or attend a house party, you can be the sexy man who looks great in a dress shirt crafted by a leading men’s shirts manufacturer. Choosing a casual outfit for summer with a shirt can be intimidating but quite fun. To balance out the crisp, clean look of the shirt, pair it with chino or jean shorts. Get the laid back feel with rolled up sleeves and a few loose buttons. For footwear, choose trainers or slip-ons for the relaxed feel.

Here are some of the additional hacks to dress up in the formal dress shirts for men during summers.

1. Make sure to wear a dress shirt that reflects heat and not absorbs it during summers. Thus, go for the shirts in soothing and light shades tones like beiges, blues, pinks and creams, and other pastels.

2. Apart from going for cotton and linen dress shirts that are summer apt materials, also choose the loose and light weaves to stay cool.

3. Make sure to be confident with both tucked and untucked looks, for office or casual occasions, respectively.

4. Don’t unbutton the buttons of the shirts too much and end up looking extremely slouchy.

The Not So Basic Men’s Shirt: A Brief!

A shirt is one of the staple items of a man’s basic wardrobe. You can team it up with any kind of bottom wear and can never go wrong in the style department. It is comfortable and requires less maintenance. A basic white shirt with comfortable khaki trousers or blue jeans spells effortless elegance. It is not only available in various fits but also in different styles as well.

Buying a shirt is a wise fashion investment, as you can wear it all year long. It is a classic piece which does not calls for a specific occasion and is quite versatile in nature. Ideally, you should buy shirt that is either cotton or linen as it is breathable and lightweight in texture.  For retailers who want to cater to the needs of the single buyers, approaching one of the best wholesale men’s shirts suppliers is the key as the retailers can beef up their stock with the best variety.

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Sticking to basic colors is important in buying a shirt as it complements well with the other items of clothing that you wear with it. The basic colors are generally, white, black and navy. But sometimes you can opt for beige also. Owning these colors also makes it easy for you to choose the shirt for the type of event you want to wear it for.


The fit of the shirt is also of great importance. Because obviously you would not want a shirt that does not complement your body type. The shirt generally comes in two basic types of fit : Slim Fit and Relaxed fit. Relaxed fit is for those men who have an average body type  and a slim fit works well for the worked-out body.


Not only this , the shirt also comes in different styles like  plain collars and Chinese collars to full as well as half sleeves. It is recommended that buy one  that suits your personal style instead of following a fashion trend blindly. A shirt is essential for travelling as well. Especially when you will have to go to the office immediately after hectic business meetings. A shirt which is versatile in nature can also be packed for a business tour and can also act as the casual attire post the strict business meeting.

Sustainable factor

Ideally a man’s wardrobe should consist of those bespoke items of clothing that are limited but well complementary to each other. The shirt is a primary part of it.  It should not consist of  such items that are bought on a whim and are useless and uncomfortable to wear.

Now that people have started getting conscious of the type of clothes they are wearing and its impact on the environment and human beings in general you can opt for fabrics that are ethically made and are eco-friendly. Even reversible shirts are also a cool option because you are buying a piece that can be worn two ways with the price of one.  In this  way you are not harming the environment but also ensuring  that your money goes into the right fashion business.

There are reputed wholesale mens shirt manufacturers who are helping retailers with the best variety of shirts that the business owners can purchase in bulk. So if you are a retailer willing to add that zing to your stock, get in touch with one of the noted manufacturers in USA, now!


The Not So Basic Men’s Shirt: A Brief!