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Slim Fit Flannel Shirts Offer Comfort and Style

Flannel is a very light form of wool fabric which makes it extremely soft to touch. Some of them have cotton and other synthetic fibers in them. Shirts made from this material are comfortable to wear, has a good fitting and feel good on the skin. Such attires are worn all over the world and they especially became popular when the metal bands starting wearing them during their rock shows and concerts. If you listen to Nirvana and is big fan, you must be having one flannel shirt in your closet!

The slim fit flannel shirt is loved by people of all ages because they are available in a variety of colors, designs and patterns and people from all walks of life can find one that suits their style and purpose. There are shirts that are designed for men and women. Traditionally, they come in plaid with two pockets in front, although there are modern and contemporary styles as well that people are opting for.

Presently, people wear these attires like jackets and they are just as warm and comfortable. This is much more preferred by youngsters of today because they like to acquire a cool, hip look as compared to the sober and debonair appearance of the adults.

The shirts are available in so many different patterns and colors that it is quite easy to mix and match them with different styled bottoms and accessorize them to achieve the desired look for the occasion. Dressing up for office, a party or just a casual stroll down the park has never been this easy! Attires like this makes for stress-free and easy dressing up with endless possibilities. Play with colors like gray, green, purple or shades of red and get creative!