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Save The Planet Wearing Flannel

Who would not want to be a superhero and save the planet! Will you be surprised if you were told that flannel shirts are eco-friendly? Of course, you will be! It is amazing that flannel shirts can decompose as they are made from organic materials. Available in solid colors as well as in plaid designs and checked patterns, flannel wear is one of the most used and most preferred kinds of clothing for the winter season. Flannel has much less carbon footprint than other materials used to make garments. The apparel industry is striving to come up with new materials that can be less harmful for the planet Earth. It is all the more necessary now, when each day is crucial in deciding the fate of life on earth.

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Read on to this blog more to find out reasons to choose flannel over anything else!

What’s so special about flannel?

Apart from being eco-friendly? Everything else! Check out what makes them so very special.

  1. It is made from organic fabric and surprisingly,recycled plastic bottles too – Yes, you read it right. Fibres made from plastic bottles are used in the manufacturing process of flannel material. It makes them super long lasting.
  2. Durability is an assurance – Flannel is very durable due to the way it is produced. You can wear it for years and years, as they can literally not even in the market competition- it is just the best.
  3. Purpose of flannel is never not served– Providing enough warmth is the entire purpose of winter clothing. And no one does it better than flannel. A heavier flannel jacket can even substitute a woolen jacket. The vintage look it gives, cannot be turned down.

Where to find the best of flannel collections?

Flannel shirts are eco-friendly in another way- they are very feasible and comfortable to wear, making them perfect for making sleepwear. Hence, it reduces a lot of electricity consumption on heaters as well. Apart from the fact that they channelize a way to reuse plastic, they also contribute hugely to the fashion industry. Globally recognized wholesale golf shirt manufacturers in USA bring to you the best collection of golf tees, flannel clothing and a lot more. If you are a retailer or a business owner, feel free to check out our catalog and place your bulk order as soon as possible shirt manufacturers in USA.

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