Sartorial Tips to Style the Luxe Black Shirts

White shirts mean business but the black dress shirts are a totally different ball-game! It’s true that these can be hard to pull off, but that doesn’t mean you won’t put your experimental foot forward. Black collared shirts have a tendency to overpower the clothing they’re paired with and turn an already bland outfit into a statement piece.

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Patterned Sweater Vest

Black dress shirts automatically channel glitzy rock gods, and you can too in a less flashy way. A classic like an argyle sweater vest is the solution to the modest look. It still works with your favorite moto jacket for the weekend, but it’s also a vibe you can sport to the office on a Tuesday.

All-Black Outfit

Of course, black clothes tend to look good with other black clothes, like black ties, sweaters, and jeans. The secret to making it feel natural is sporting jeans that are a little washed out, sneakers with a white sole, an all different sorts of textures to avoid appearing one dimensional.

Black Suit Look

When you’re suited-up, the rules are slightly different. The key here is making sure your whole look is impeccably tailored, and to opt for retro-esque tie widths and lapels. Poor fit and wide lapels can very quickly descend into bad books of fashion.

On Its Own

Of course, the simplest way to wear a black shirt is to throw it on with black trousers and call it a day. Again, fit is paramount, and with less layers, your accessories game needs to be on point. Throw on a vintage-looking watch and modernleather belt that match the slim lines of the rest of your look.

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