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Return of The Hounds Tooth Vintage Checked Shirt

The modern fashion trends are slowly but surely making a sweeping u turn as far as the signature style of the mens fashion apparel goes. The very subtle return of the hounds tooth checked vintage shirt for men, has brought about a classic vantage for all those men seeking for the ultimate style wear. The smart and very attractive range of Vintage checked shirts are totally in vogue these days and how! 

The hounds tooth checked pattern normally comes with a color combo of black and white or even navy blue and white. However, with designer clothing manufacturers experimenting in a big way, there are now all kinds of color combinations utilized to create the most amazingly stylish checked shirts with the hounds tooth checks print playing up supremely. The best part about the trendy new looks brought into the Vintage checked shirts collection is that each range has a very distinctively styled and cut appeal, with specialized fit and look.

The world of high fashion is ringing in the checked variety with high end designer touch to sky high levels. Every top line designer store is now vying to keep the best of the retro style shirts in checks that have a unique appeal. The Vintage checked shirts are now available in every conceivable color and in various combinations to suit contemporary fashion trends.

To get the exact hounds tooth patterned ones, it is important to recognize the print and differentiate it from the other checked print shirts available at stores. The hounds tooth checks are like any other checked pattern, but the difference lies in the fact that the checks in his type of print are more or less deformed. The print of this variant is significantly stylish with super appeal.

The uniformity brought in with the broken tooth pattern, adds up to attraction. The symmetry brought about with the asymmetrical checked pattern, which too with so much finesse and refined touch, is what makes these checked shirts so popular.

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