Polo Shirts: Which Rules To Remember Before Wearing Them

Full Audio Version: Polo Shirts: Which Rules To Remember Before Wearing Them

One of the casual yet sophisticated wardrobe must-haves is a polo shirt. The polos serve as the perfect middle ground as this smart-casual style occupies the best spot between casual and smart dressing and this has been one of the reasons why it was time and again favored by men for a long time.

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However, there are some rules for wearing a polo shirt. If you want to wear them properly and look genuinely good, then you need to follow these dos and don’ts given below.

Do go for the cotton-linen blend

Today, there are plenty of options made available by the wholesale polo shirts manufacturers when it comes to these classic shirts. Though a cotton-silk blend isn’t a bad idea, you can also consider going for the more breathable cotton-linen blends for the hottest summer days. Such fabrics do best to make sure that your polo feels like the great, comfortable medium between a t-shirt and an oxford shirt. In other words, this means that you can dress in it any way you like, for casual and smarter settings alike.

Don’t opt for a too small or too large collar

If you go for a “too small collar”, then you might as well have reached for a Hanley shirt and if you go for a “too large collar”, then you will give the appearance of wearing a costume. Always make sure that you opt for a classic collar (if you want a shirt that is more of a regular wardrobe building block, of course).

Do go for a regular or classic fit

Snap out of this misconception that“polo shirts need to be slim-fitted”. No! It will look beyond horror if that’s what you go for. A muscle-fit isn’t the right thing as well! The rule is to opt for the super timeless regular fit as it is a piece designed to give a heritage feel. Also, keep in mind that the shoulder seams should sit on your shoulder and the sleeves should end right above your elbow.If you are a business owner reading this blog and wondering where to get hold of classy, comfortable, and top-quality wholesale mens shirts then hurry and immediately connect with a renowned shirt manufacturer today!

Don’t wear it in any formal setting

Though polo shirts can indeed be dressed up, that doesn’t mean you should be wearing it in place of a shirt in a business meeting with your clients or at that distant cousin’s wedding! You can wear it with a suit only when the setting is a smart-casual one. Never think of reaching for a tie!

Do think beyond polo + jeans combination

Yes, jeans and polos do look great but there are so many ways to style a polo shirt so why limit yourself to the polo and jeans combination? You can think of pairing it with shorts, joggers, chinos, formal trousers!

Don’t wear it with large logos

Recently, it has been found that a lot of people started wearing polos with large logos. This is a strict “don’t”. Since it is a signature mark from the beginning, a little logo on the breast is unavoidable but make sure that you refrain from wearing polos with oversized large logos!

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