Polo Shirt Styles That Are Perfect For The Winter Season

If there’s one thing that you can rely on for a seamless style, then it definitely has to be the good old polo shirt. This signature summer outfit is perfect for those days when you want to dress up in something that is low-key yet oozes a subtle aura of style.

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Pink Is In

A pink colored polo shirt is perfect for styling with a trendy white colored hoodie. If you’re looking for an outfit which will consist of a pastel palette, then these colors will definitely help you to flaunt the subtle style. Hence, for the pants you can stick to a light wash skinny denim jeans to complete the look. When it comes to the shoes, nothing can beat the effectiveness of a pair of an all black converse.


When it comes to creating a monochromatic outfit, think about colors like black which is plush and rich in texture. You can even experiment with different types of textures like leather and even suede to complete the outfit. Therefore all you need to do is opt for a leather jacket that can be worn with the polo shirt outfit.


Prints are the perfect way to show off your style skills. All you need to do is opt for a baby floral printed polo shirt that can be worn with a black fitted jeans and a holographic hoodie. If you’re mostly inspired by the vintage style, then this outfit can be the best modern version that you can opt for. For the shoes, you can simply stick to a pair of statement white sneakers to complete the look.

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