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Why The Modern Man Inside You Needs To Have a Plaid Flannel Shirt!

Letting go of the fact that flannel shirts have become the staple for the last few seasons, they are versatile. Though in their original form, they were worn by cowboys and lumberjacks, the alteration brought about in them is just too great to avoid.

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Their contemporary representation can be basically divided into two broad categories: one that is stylish and nifty, the other being for the hip and cool status quo. Basing on how trends these days have a tendency to drift away with time, flannels have proved their worth. It is their strong history and their longevity which makes them a winner in the fashion clothing department.

So whether you are wearing them as a preppy button down or with a subtle suit, the obsession with flannel is not going anywhere anytime soon. We all can safely plant the flag of flannel in our closets. Understanding their charm and focusing solely on why they are so enduring, here is discussing in details why every contemporary man should take inspiration from their forefathers and incorporate flannel shirts in their daily wardrobe.

How to wear flannel shirts (traditional or modern)

Though plaid flannel shirts have been associated with outdoor activities, the modern-day stylists have pointed out the versatility that plaid shirts offer. Flannel shirts suppliers have experimented on them, added alterations and innovations. Thus, whatever is the weather, the situation, flannel shirts are a pick for all. Here is highlighting three such looks which you should try out.

#Look 1- The casual inspiration: For this one look you can actually become a little playful. Throw over your shirt as an accessory while wearing a modest t-shirt inside. Combine with a pair of denims and sneakers to look rugged. Unkempt hair and overgrown beard will be the perfect accessories to uplift the mood of the look.

#Look 2- The formal muse: The subtlety of a formal approach completely depends on how smartly you incorporate the shirt. Pick the plaid button-down and pair it with tailored chinos and formal shoes. Slip into a blazer for that touch of conventionalism. Go without accessories to look like a winner.

What to look for in a flannel shirt

Fit, colour and fabric are the three criteria you should be looking for when investing in a flannel shirt. A plaid shirt should not be too heavy or too loose or too flashy. While wholesale flannel shirts crafted of cotton are constructed for the hotter months of the year, the woollen ones are definitely for the winters. The cotton variable is a durable mainstay and is a great instrument when it comes to fighting heat and sweat. Lightweight is what you should be looking for. As for shades, be careful about the occasion you are planning visit. They are available in hues that range from red to black to blue to yellow, among the many others. Pick the colour you are most comfortable in, the one that will actively contribute to your aesthetics! And when it comes to fit, it goes without saying that an oversized flannel is no longer considered cool whatsoever. A perfectly fitted plaid flannel shirt that accentuated your silhouette is sexier.

So now that you have a vivid idea about the basics of a flannel shirt, be sure to make a wise choice. The wide demographics that flannel allows all its wearer to enjoy are surely appreciated by many, justifying having them in your wardrobe. Bulk flannel shirts can be purchased in bulk by retailers and store owners from the manufacturers at discounted prices! Let the simplicity of flannel shirts make a distinct fashion statement for you.