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Men’s Perfect Flannel Shirt Ideas For a Party

Every guy has room for a solid flannel shirt in their wardrobe. This style of shirting has no limits, whether you’re a barista trying to look like a lumberjack or just a guy who needs a shirt for Saturday night. If you need to add a pop of color or pattern to your sartorial game, then you could rely on a flannel shirt to do the trick.

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Therefore, read on the blog to know more about the outfit ideas.

  1. A flannel shirt and jeans combo is effortless and practical, suitable for anything from a boozy lurch across town, to a post-class procrastination session at a nearby café. It is more visually appealing than a plain shirt and trouser look, but it just as versatile for most situations.

  2. For a smarter interpretation for the casual flannel wearer, wear slim grey jeans or wool trousers, chocolate brown boots, a white tee, and a multi-color flannel to complete the look. This is perfectly acceptable post office party attire.

  3. It is true that flannels are mostly associated with winter wear as they’re often heavier than your run-of-the-mill cotton oxfords and the fuzzy texture doesn’t seem suited to other seasons. However, many manufacturer have come up with light or mid-weight flannels that have a unique versatility.

  4. Light colors work best for spring season. Pale checks with a cream, light brown, or blue tone are in tune with the season. Try to avoid combining patterns initially, if your shirt has big checks then keep the shorts to a single color.

  5. Smaller checks, such as a gingham, tend to be less of a heat-seeker in the office. They’re also easier to incorporate with a tie, should you find yourself not quite ready to dispose of the silk noose. If your flannel shirt is a little roomy, you can layer a fitted jacket over it. This will let you avoid the muffin top look.

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