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Men’s Denim Shirt Trends for Fall Season

With the increasing array of fashionable attire readily available for men, it comes as no surprise that the denim is scoring high on the sartorial ranks. It is primarily accepted by everyone as one such style of clothing that can never go wrong.
The denim shirt is a highly versatile garment, it can be translated into a myriad of styles and comforts. Hence, one of the popular shirt manufacturing company have designed a collection especially for bulk sale to allow the retailers to offer their customers the latest designs.
Worn open

This is the most basic way to wear a denim shirt. The off-duty look can easily be worn throughout the year, as an extra layer during the cooler summer months, or an added fabric layer during winter. It’s an all-year masculine look. Darker denim on the bottom and lighter denim on top is an effortless way to wear double denim, but chinos can be worn instead.

Holiday basic

Denim is an extremely casual fabric option, meaning that a shirt made of denim can be worn in a friendlier fashion. The uninhibited semblance of the denim shirt makes it designed for holiday wear, when that slender breeze blows across the parched beaches, a denim shirt and chino short combo, worn with Converse will always work.

The half tuck

You can achieve this relaxed look by half tucking the shirt into the waist leaving the other ruggedly askew. What’s key to this style is that it is a niche that can easily be applied to all types of shirts, and looks especially good with a denim shirt. Lighter denim should be picked.


Denim is built for work too! The denim shirt can be worn in formal wear to create an unconventional aesthetic, balancing edgy aesthetic with a preppy style. Denim shirts work with lighter cottons and also heavy tweeds, thus making the garment seemingly designed for texture contrast.

Leather weather

The leather jacket is another statement piece that is essential for gentleman wardrobes. Leather can act as a foundation texture, but also an accent, in which it compliments denim harmoniously. A denim shirt can be worn openly or closed formally with a leather jacket, the two textures can act as an effective contrast, able to be worn during the transition periods between seasons.

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