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Make Your Simple T-Shirt a Piece of Wonder (with 5 Awesome Skirt Combo)

It is fun to incorporate innovativeness to our daily sartorial routine. Transitional dressing is always fun. But sometimes we do like to play it safe. And when it comes in the world of fashion, a t-shirt makes an obvious choice. Especially with the summers, it just becomes a uniform for most us, like a second skin. However, if you are bored with the same old jean and tee juxtaposition, then it is time to make a difference. Use a skirt! Skirts are sexy and stylish and comfortable. Thus, without wasting much time, here is a list of five such combinations, each dedicated to one particular design, read on and be at the top of your fashion game this summer.

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Outfit inspiration 1: The midi skirt combo

Pick a satin skirt that reaches well below the knee (read a midi skirt) for the extra bit of luxe. Team it with a modest graphic tee as available with wholesale t-shirts manufacturers. A pair of strappy heels to complement the ensemble will be just the perfect pick for footwear. For accessories, you can go simple and stick with sunglasses and a sling bag for the ultra-modern appearance.

Outfit inspiration 2: The maxi skirt combo

Channel your inner beauty with a tulle maxi skirt in darker hues and team it with a plain white t-shirt. The combination is self-satisfactory and requires very less accoutrements to accompany it. A pair of pumps as footwear, a modest pendant, some junk on the wrist and shades is all you require to finish the look and appear sophisticated and graceful.

Outfit inspiration 3: The embellished skirt combo

An embellished skirt has the ability to stand out without you putting in much effort. White t-shirt acts as the perfect foil to an embellished skirt that you can further adorn with a blazer thrown over casually. Red lips and a pair of strappy heels will give you a stand out in the crowd finish. Refrain from using too many accessories for that will make you look flashy. Keep it simple and impress all the onlookers.

Outfit inspiration4: The skater skirt combo

A skater skirt and a printed t-shirt is a classic combination that has been doing well for the last few seasons. So a tee-skirt grouping cannot go without it being mentioned. Pick a bright printed tee that you can purchase from a wide variety of bulk t-shirts available with manufacturers. Go on and combine it with a skater skirt in darker tone and finish your look with a pair of ankle length boots.

Outfit inspiration 5: The pencil skirt combo

A pencil skirt constructed of leather that enhances your silhouette is a smart pick and when a printed t-shirt is tucked in, it works exceptionally well. A pair of height defining heels is the correct choice for footwear. You can either keep it simple for a more natural charm, or use a chunky neckpiece to add elegance and glamour to the outfit. Get the latest designs of t-shirts wholesale from wholesalers that will be a noteworthy splurge.

Thus, wear the ultimate tee and skirt combo and appear distinctive this summer. Be ready to be showered with compliments for this unique yet stylish approach to t-shirts. T-shirt manufacturers have constructed a plethora of them that can be purchased by the retailers at a discounted rate, especially when bought in bulk.

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