List Of Flannel Shirt Trends To Look Out For

Flannel shirt is one of the evergreen clothing that has ever been introduced in the fashion world. Owing to its versatility and the fact that it will help to underline your problem areas and accentuate your best features, flannel shirt has eventually become one of the go to clothing of everyone. Retailers who want to include flannel shirts in their store for the winter collection can contact flannel shirt manufacturer and browse through the collection of blank flannel shirts wholesale. Meanwhile look through the blog to find out about the various flannel shirts styles that are trending right now. These are easy to style, wear and are suitable for the cold winter days for layering with other outfits as well.

The Men’s Plaid Shirt

There are certain differences between a men’s and a woman’s plaid shirt. But women can also carry a man’s shirt like a stylish layered piece. For example, in those cases when the temperature is being bipolar and you’re feeling sweaty hands in one minute and chilly the next moment, you can simply wear a casual tee and a jeans outfit and layer the look with an oversized mans shirt.


Cardigan Lover

Sometimes just a flannel shirt is not good enough, especially when you are going out with your friends and you want to perk up your ensemble. In this case you can wear a suede skirt with a flannel shirt and layer the look with a glam cardigan either in a pop color or a neutral glitter tone. You can even take cue from celebrities like Selena Gomez, to understand how to style the look.

Cropped Flannel

Cropped flannel shirts are the modern cousins of the vintage flannel shirts. These can be worn with a high waisted flared jean. If you love to create a hippie aesthetic with your outfit, then this style idea is the perfect for you. For the footwear, clogs or even leather pumps are enough to complete the art hoe ensemble.

Shorts Mantra

Come spring, covering oneself from head to toe can become tad bit difficult. Hence, in this case you can wear a full-sleeved flannel shirt and denim shirts as the outfit alternative. To cover your legs otherwise, knee-length boots is a great footwear option. Even if you feel a nip in the air, leg warmers with do the trick of keeping you comfortable and cozy.


Have you ever tried the leather jacket and flannel shirt look? This outfit is not only warm and comfortable but will definitely make you look like a wild west star. To create this outfit all you need to do is wear a vintage brown leather jacket or a black matte leather jacket over a flannel shirt. For the pants, you can either wear skinny denims or opt for leather accented leggings that will make you look really cool.

Hence, those retailers who want to become popular flannel shirt distributors can contact wholesale flannel shirts manufacturers and browse through the exclusive assortment of such clothing. After selecting the required pieces, state the bulk needs to the customer care team.


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