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Know Your Striped Shirts With Our Quick Guidebook

Well, let’s simply get this out the way, sporting a striped top doesn’t mean you look like you’re a burglar or in the navy. Stripes offer versatility to your closet while staying basic. From being amazing to unbelievable and somewhere radiant in between, stripes are everything you need to add to your attire this summertime.

Deem it or not, stripes come in a range of fashions: multi-shaded, vertical, horizontal, or even in a official striped pattern.

So, without much ado, here is our guidebook to wearing stripes this summertime.

How to style smart stripes

Not just perfect for the easygoing side of life, stripes are outstanding for brisker events. Whether it’s for the office grind or a posh meal, an elegant striped shirt will provide your attire with a bit more persona and lets you pull away from those tedious basic shirts while still keeping it elegant.

Mens designer dress shirts wholesale striped shirt in blue is the perfect shirt for a brighter outing while flaunting the outstanding vertical stripes.

How to style horizontal stripes

Next up is the marine-inspired horizontal stripe, much more ordinary than the vertical stripe but for decent reasoning, it’s an iconic look. Horizontal stripes seem to offer you a bit more width to your structure, so they are perfect if you wish to look a bit bulkier this summertime.

A white striped tee and black jeans are an ideal long-sleeve for those cozy summer evening outings when you wish to sport something a bit more than only a tee. Casual but versatile enough to sport into the night.

On a quick note, bear in mind that stripes can seem to change your body shape so layering up with a denim jacket or simple jacket without too much distracting shade on top of a striped shirt can stop this from happening too much. It only means that regardless of your form, you can get away with either horizontal or vertical stripes. Perfect, right?

How to style vertical stripes

The vertical stripe is a bit harder to come by than the iconic striped patterns, but an amazing way of lifting your profile a little this summertime. Vertical stripes seem to offer you a tad bit of height, perfect if you are a bit height conscious.

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