‘Ken’ v/s ‘Oppenheimer’: Who Wins the Style Game?

With Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer releasing on the same date, the 21st of July, the clash has worked well for both much-awaited films this year. The exciting movies of two very different genres and feel are doing exceedingly well in theatres worldwide. Presented by talented teams and led to the forefront by their respective stars, Ryan Gosling and Cillian Murphy, these movies are just the latest buzzword now.

For those unversed, the comedy-drama Barbie mainly focuses on the adventures of Barbie and Ken in the real world, while the drama-thriller Oppenheimer portrays the hard work of the physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and a team of scientists in developing and designing the atom bomb, with the backdrop being that of World War II.

Just like how different these flicks are, equally different are the personalities of their heroes, especially when it comes to fashion sense.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, the 42-year-old Canadian actor can be mostly seen in glam outfits at many crucial events and occasions. His laid-back yet serious dressing sense makes him one of the most popular fashion icons of Tinseltown. From most of his looks, it seems that Ryan is a huge fan of white shirts, occasionally opting for a subtle shade, simple pattern, or placement print. The charming man accessorizes his outfits well with bracelets, shades, and chains often. One of the most prominent bulk shirts manufacturers provides an enormous collection of fashionable, top-quality wholesale shirts!

The Chicest Looks of Gosling

Some of the most wow-worthy looks of The Notebook actor are mentioned below:
• During one of his movie promotions, Gosling appeared in a jet-black suit jacket, white dress shirt, matching black tie, and trousers. As for the accessories, he chose to go with a fine brown leather watch and Oxford shoes. What grabbed the eyeballs is the fact that even such an ordinary ensemble looked extraordinary on the man!
• In one of his photo shoots, he was featured in a Burgundy suit which he coupled with a long-sleeve pale blue shirt. As soon as you see him in this one, you would have to admit that no one else can look as hot as him with the front two buttons of the shirt open.
• One of the best Ryan Gosling Red Carpet looks has to be the one when he appeared in a black suit with a yellow short sleeve shirt. It was what you can call a masculine refinement with a cool fashion twist. The black leather brogues took the entire look to a different level. Are you a business owner reading this blog and wondering where to find durable, classy bulk shirts? Hurry! Place your order from one of the most preeminent wholesale shirt suppliers now!

Cillian Murphy

Well-known for his roles in Dunkirk, Inception, Red Eye, and now the latest Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy has almost adopted a capsule-like wardrobe that comprises striped tees, suits, jeans, boots, etc in charcoal, grey, and black. In an interview, the 47-year-old Irish actor admitted being into simplicity and staying away from being experimental. While Ryan Gosling dons an all-pink suit for Barbie Premier in L.A, Murphy has been going anti-ken in chic dark colors and sheer materials!

Murphy’s Attention-Grabbing Style

Want to know about some of the trendiest Cillian Murphy looks? Take a look at the list below:
• Though the man prefers avoiding Red Carpets as much as possible, when he does appear he’s always fashionably classy. At one of the events, he looked great in a navy shirt, narrow-fitted grey suit with thin hooked collars, and black leather shoes.
• With the cast previously gathering for one of the major events for Oppenheimer, Murphy looked elegant in a black suit, light-brown shirt, and matching tie. The palette of dark neutrals went perfectly well with the World War II-era movie.
• The most eye-catching one has to be his recent appearance at the London Premier of Oppenheimer, where the star was seen wearing a sheer shirt, high-waisted trousers (very much retro), and a black pin-striped suit.

Bottom line

The fashion sense of both the stars though a bit different from one another’s is amazing. Now, of course, whether you give your vote to Oppenheimer or stick to Ken will depend on your taste and preferences!
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