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Humble Brag Fashion Is In Full Swing…Polo Shirts Take The Cake!

Wondering what is hot in fashion right now? All hail the humble brags! The latest addition to the humble brag wardrobe is the summer favorite polo shirts. Polo shirts appear unremarkable, humble and downright boring but are secretly soaring high on fashion. And they’re back in fashion! Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer graced the Wimbledon with collar and collarless numbers but polos cemented their place as a true fashion cult item at the couture shows in Paris. 2016 is definitely the year of polo shirts and the trend just got hotter!

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Classic Polos are Still Trending

This ostensibly modest piece has its roots in poshness and sophistication. The solid colored, collared polo shirt wholesale are very much a favorite both on and off the field. It can be worn to work as well as to various formal and informal events and occasions.

Printed Polos are Steadily Rising in Demand

The rise of activewear being more aligned with the fashion world has favored the popularity of polo shirts. Designers have been pushing their boundaries with fabrications and that has given birth to the spunky new graphic printed polo shirts. It still maintains its sporty feel with the collar but there has been addition of medium sleeve polo in bright colors featuring digital prints all over. Men, women and child are all in love with this trend!

Floral seems to be a popular print among both women and men, as well as quirky, abstract prints with colors splashed all over for a distinct fashion appeal. Understated as the polos may be but they’re creating waves in the world of fashion.

Versatility is an Added Plus

Polos run high on fashion and versatility. It can be paired up with any kind of bottom wear. Women can tuck it in and wear it with pencil skirts or keep it untucked with shorts, denims or trousers. Men can wear it with trousers, shorts and denims. The air of class, optimal comfort and effortless style of the polos make it the absolute summer go-to.

Want to Start Your Own Polo Shirt Line?

With polos getting a new lease of life and coming back in fashion in myriad hues and tones, patterns and prints, this is an opportune time to let your creativity run wild. The runways have even introduced dresses for women that take inspiration from the quintessential polo shirts and feature collars and buttons! If you have something crazy brewing in your mind, get in touch with renowned wholesale polo shirts manufacturers and stock up the latest and hottest styles of polos or customize it by giving your own spin to it.