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How You Can Style The Polo Shirt In Every Non-Preppy Way Possible

It’s time that you pull all your polo shirts out of retirement. Long gone are the days when you only wore them to the tennis class or the golf meet with your father. You cannot afford to wear it like your grandpa this season. The theme of the 2019 fashion diaspora is experimentation and inclusiveness. Thus, it’s not necessary that you’ve to wear the shirt in the typical preppy way. You can instill your signature aesthetic into your clothing and create unique new style statements. Suppliers of wholesale polo shirts have come up with new variants that you can have a look at. Thus find out the various ways you can style the polo shirt wholesale to stand out in the crowd.

Punk Rock

For creating a punk rock look the best thing you can do is opt for a retro printed polo shirt. A ripped black leather skirt will help you channel your inner rock ‘n’ roll diva. To instill a wild west vibe to the outfit you can wear a cowboy boot as footwear of choice.

Retro Momma

If your personal style is all about retro fashion , then don’t scare away from instilling the good old polo shirt in your next outfit. All you need to do is wear a light wash high waisted flared jeans. Along with it a vintage floral printed polo shirt is everything that you’ll need to channelize your inner Bridget Bardot.

Animal Diva

You can pair up animal print with your polo shirt to give it a fresh new look. Hence for the bottom wear, you can either opt or a leopard print midi skirt or imbibe the tiger skin in your pants. Either way make sure to opt for a minimalistic or light colored shirt to maintain the balance of the attire.

Work Wear Change

Bring some change into your formal attire by wearing a polo shirt with a pencil skirt or even trousers. Basically all you need to do is swap the shirt for a polo shirt to create a smart attire for a change. Make sure that the polo shirt is not lose fitting otherwise your outfit might turn out to be too casual.

Feminine Grace

Have you ever worn a polo shirt with a floral maxi skirt. You might think it is ridiculous to pair two opposite styles together but the beauty lies in the fact that how well you can combine both of them together. Therefore select a light toned polo shirt with some cute floral prints on the sleeves and opt for a similar maxi skirt.

Wholesale polo shirt manufacturers have come up with trendy pieces that are worth the bulk investments. All you need to do is browse through the inventory for the exclusive clothing pieces that you want to bulk order. Select the required polo t-shirt wholesale from the collection and state the bulk needs to the customer care team.