How to Style Striped T-Shirts the Modern Way

Stripes? In fashion? Obviously, but not really. Stripes, in terms of men’s clothing, at all times seem to be there, a blue button-up with thin white lines, bulk striped t shirts giving maritime vibes, or a Wall Street-style suit with sheer pinstripes. Neither of them is particularly fashionable nor outdated. It’s just simply there. That’s why sporting vertical stripes feel like a cool change of pace.

Why vertical stripes compliment well?

More literally, nonetheless, it’s a staple tossed around and customized, honestly, to be better. How many of us have steered clear of anything with horizontal stripes as it makes our average-size frame seem bulkier and wider?
On the other hand, vertical stripes have the opposite impact. Assuming you’re going for a thicker, two-tone choice, the up and down design seems to elongate your belly and forms the illusion that you’re somehow taller. As such, it’s the design that complements practically all body shapes.

Latest rules for styling vertical stripes

Alternatively, you’ve got some rules to think about. One, this season’s fashion concentrates more on the contrasts, almost to the point that it’s shade blocking on a more attainable scale.

As such, your print, and in turn your clothing, got to have an essence to have any impact. On the other hand, pinstripes and anything subtle and light you would’ve worn to the workplace appears too coy. If you haven’t given this trend a short, start here.

Tees give you the ultimate degree of versatility for this craze. Short sleeves are the default, but any fit, from relaxed to slim, will do as your template. Anything blocky and two-tone, assuming you’re not doing white and black, is simple enough.
But, why be plain? Now is the time to give a shot at multicolored, odd combo, or something matching candy stripes. Assuming it balances everything else, the print’s simply an upgrade from your normal informal fare.

Even though separate clothing, Hawaiian shirts, and Cuban collar are easily grouped as informal, collared shirts. Due to this, how vertical stripes get used remains similar between both.

However, compared to other vertical alternatives, this specific craze comes with retro connotations, the ‘50s to be precise.

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