How To Pull Off the Men’s Dress Shirt Style Like A Fashion Pro?

There are so many cool and different styles of men’s dress shirts available for sale. There are a range of unique ways you can pull off the look. So if you are looking for more deets on the style tips you are at the right place.

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So, wait no more and read on for more details.

The torso fit

You have to always make sure that the dress shirt is nether too loose or baggy. It should fit your torso perfectly, and the buttons should lay flat on your chest. Whereas don’t wear a shirt with buttons that you have to struggle to open and showing skin. These are too tight and won’t make you look you. The right fit will give you enough room to breathe without sagging the material too much.

Correct sleeve length and cuff style

The correct sleeve length and cuff style will greatly be different depending on the type of shirt you’re wearing and whether or not you will add any type of layer to the your look. You will find many dress shirts that has 6 buttonholes instead of 4 to accommodate changes in arm lengths and cuffing. Remember, the cuffs should not extend past the wrists to keep accessories visible.

Collar style

The collars in men’s dress shirts are where the style variance is prominent. Each type of collar is appropriate for different occasions. Given below are the various styles that you can look through.

Point Collar

The formal type forward point collar is also referred to as the straight point collar. It is also a traditional collar type. The stylish narrow collar and looks best when worn under a suit and tie. This is also one of the versatile collar types that can work well for business as well as parties.

Short Semi-Spread Collar

These type of collars add a more casual look, however it can still be worn for formal events. This is also a great option for long-necked men. Because of the wide spread men can get fancy with the larger tie knots.

Cutaway Collar

This is a small collar point length that can be found on the cutaway collar. These type of shirts are popular among modern gentlemen because of the classic look.

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