How To Make Cotton T Shirts Last Longer

From that favorite designer tee which you picked after saving money for a long time to those which are staples in your wardrobe, you probably have a collection of cotton tees which would you want to last forever. Cotton tees are known for providing the superior comfort and they are super fashionable as well but a single stain can send them away to the trash bin. The suggestions given below however can help make your tees last longer than ever.

Prevent it from shrinking

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of cotton is that it is prone to shrinking. Well the good news here is you can prevent it from happening with a little bit of care. During the process of manufacturing, tension is applied which stretches the yarn and the fabric and when you wash the tees, it makes the material shrink back to its original size. So a solution would be to wash your tees with hand or use the washing machine, applying cold water.

Don’t wash every other day

Never ever wash the cotton tees every other day. It can take a seriously toll on them. Frequent washing and drying destroys the quality of the fabric, making the tee look worn out. A suggestion is to wear the cotton tee a couple of times before washing it because if you are wearing it for a few hours and don’t sweat or spill anything on it then there’s no reason to wash your tee right away.

Give a break to your favorites

You might have this feeling of wearing your favorite tee every day but in doing so you cause them to wear out prematurely. The idea is to rotate and wear. This gives your favorite tees a bit of a break and makes sure that they last longer. A famous tshirt manufacting company in USA is known to deliver such fashionable and gorgeous tees that are worth purchasing in bulk such as maternity t shirts, printed t shirts, 3D t shirts wholesale and more.

Treat the stains carefully and properly

Different types of stains call for different treatment methods. But whatever the type is, you need to get rid of it as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the stain gets set on your tee forever. First remove the spill then get to remove the rest of the stain. For instance, fresh blood stains can be removed by soaking them in cold water before washing. Butter stains can be removed with a pre wash stain remover and then applying some hot water.

Wash inside out

When you are washing your cotton tees, remember turning them inside out before throwing into the washer, especially if the tee is screen printed or decorated. This keeps the vibrant colors from fading and also protects the print from getting damaged.

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