How to Be Better at Customizing T-Shirts

T-shirt designing is increasingly gaining popularity. It is a worthy venture for graphic designers, typographers, illustrators, and any persons with interest in fashion designing. Customizing t-shirts to certain designs can be very appealing both for wearing to attract clients online and in physical stores. This process of customizing t-shirts to desired designs can be very lucrative when all factors are considered.

To help you make the most out of such a venture, below are ways on how to be better at customizing T-Shirts.

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Spentended T-shirt Designs

Take time to sketch out the t-shirt design you’d want to achieve. This might include sparing some time from your busy schedule to research the best designs that are popular. Consider the sketches you made and create some samples out of the designs. Brainstorm over such designs and make them work. These creative designers at MeowPrint Singapore will provide you with inspiring t-shirt designs that are of the best quality and at an affordable price. You’ll also be privy on custom made t-shirt designs that are not only fashionable but of the best quality. 

There’s a wide range of t-shirt print designs that you can choose both online and from your physical contacts. However, your creativity is needed in coming up with your own print designs. It’s also of paramount importance whenever you are engaged in such a venture to think of your clients’ needs. Sleep on them and integrate your ideas to make them unique.

Maintain a High Level of Simplicity

The most classic t-shirt designs are those that are simple but pass the intended purpose. Consider making your t-shirt designs suitable for both men and women. Use limited palettes of color and fewer concepts. Use elaborate drawings on your t-shirts to make them more attractive. However, do not forget to pay attention to details as this will make your t-shirts to stand out more.

Consider Your Target Market

Female and male T-shirt designs differ for so long as the sphere of intention and gender issues have been taken into account. Age is also a factor to consider because we are living in an era where the image is everything to the millennials. T-shirt designs for young people will differ from those of the babyboomers. While designing your t-shirt design, ask yourself who you particularly want to attract. Take a comparative example of a person you want to attract. Identify who that person is, what their likes are in terms of t-shirt designs, and other brands that interest them. After considering all these aspects, proceed to have their interests considered in your t-shirt designs.

Maintain a Subtle Level of Humour

Humour would be a good selling point for your t-shirts. However, if you consider being humorous in your t-shirt designs, you will want to make sure that your humor does not come across as a cheap or a low-value joke t-shirt. Unique t-shirt designs are those with precise and non-offensive jokes. Knowing the traits of your target clients, you’ll be in a better position to determine their specific needs. Below are t-shirt print ideas that you might interest yourself in. They include:

  • Pet prints
  • Jokes
  • Sports, lifestyle, and hobby prints
  • Geographical prints


Are your customized t-shirts fashionable? Do they meet the criterion of your clients? One thing to note is that we are living in an age where fashion and appearances matter. It’s for this reason that you have social media and other socially recognized sites where people want to show off their fashion-mindedness. 

You’ll, therefore, not want to design tees that are of poor quality or t-shirt designs that are out of fashion. Check the tee trends to know what tee designs are fashionable and which are not. You have social media to help you pick trendy and fashionable t-shirt print designs when marketing your brand. 

Go the Extra Mile

Don’t just settle for less. Go the extra mile in including your ideas on the t-shirt print designs that make you happy. This is a form of art, and your artistic side will come into play in helping you create amazing designs that are to die for. So, don’t shy away from trying out new ideas or exploring what your creative brain has to offer. 

Customized t-shirts are recently a highly regarded component of fashion. Such tees are customized to clients’ needs and wants. They also illustrate the values and interests of the wearers and meet the specific needs of different groups. Understanding your target market, being creative, and maintaining a reasonable level of simplicity will ensure you are better at customizing your t-shirts.

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