Give Your T-Shirts Wholesale Collection A Refined Feel This Summer: 5 Simple Ways

Seasons change and so do fashion. We’re in summer already! For the clothing retailers around the world, to stay ahead in the game and to wow the customers, it is time to give their wholesale collection a reshuffle.

Are you a clothing business owner?

Make the most of this season with a no-less-than-perfect wholesale t shirts collection. Here are 5 simple ways to give your warehouse a refined feel:

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Get creative when customizing crewneck bulk t shirts

Summer is the time when people (finally) give rest to their hoodies and break free their favourite casual crewneck tees from the closets. The demand for these tops surge very high. Bank on it! Instead of wholesaling the same old varieties, get creative when personalizing your bulk. Experiment with different ‘summer colors’ and designs and see if they work with the customers.

For once, be very selective in the fabric you go with

Customers are more selective about the fabric of their tops during summer and so should you. When purchasing your bulk, pay attention to the fabric material; there are types that are a big No-No for hot season. Play safe with synthetic cotton, flannel, silk and linen.

Give up the darker shades t shirt wholesale

Summer is the time when everything is supposed to be bright and happening, mirroring the beach charm. So give rest to the darker shades and invest in the light colors. Understand that there’s much more to lighter shades than just white, blue and yellow.

Say high to sublimation print

Chances are that you already are stocking sublimated bulk t shirts. If not, summer’s the perfect time to get them in your warehouse. The tops are very chic and trendy, and vouch to deliver on customers summer-style expectations with dot precision. To that, top manufacturers also offer wide customization option in their sublimated t-shirts collection, which make things just as exciting for the small businesses.

Market your refined collection the right way

You can wholesale the best of clothing but unless you market it well, the sale will always be low. So instead of completely focusing on the wholesaling, spend some of your energy and resource in marketing your collection. Offer exclusive discounts, leverage of social media platforms and plan to trigger word-of-mouth marketing.

These are 5 simple ways to give your t-shirts wholesale collection a refined flavor and boost your sale this summer easily.

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Give Your T-Shirts Wholesale Collection A Refined Feel This Summer: 5 Simple Ways