Five Fantastic Polo Shirts That Will Add Oomph To Your Wardrobe

Your drawer must be overstuffed with zillions of crisp collared shirts and round neck tees taking a test drive each season, but when it comes to owning shirts, you must have the right ones even if there is less in number as long as they count. Polo shirts are one of the most deluxe wears that will complete every man’s closet with a perfect finesse. Polo shirts are for those times when you can look beyond the 9 to 6 schedule and want to strut a more casual appeal. And if you get it right, top five varieties of polo tees will be enough!

While fashion for men is seeing a major evolution, the wholesale polo shirts manufacturers are launching assorted designs to please fashionhistas taste! So wearer can keep upgrading their collection every season not just in color but in prints, pattern and fabric. Also if you are running a fashion boutique catering exclusive men’s wear, then this is a good chance to revive your stock with the versatile wholesale polo shirts from the prominent global manufacturers.

Top Five Polo Shirts Must-Haves For Tee Shirt Lovers

Striped- Polo shirts with wide and bold stripes over basic white or other shades is an instant charmer. It is more simple and subtle but nonetheless adds to the casual appeal in a trendy way!


Checks have been men’s favorite for good long time and found place in their shelves from formal shirts to causal tees. Then why not go for checkered print on the snug fabric, and fitted polo shirts. The wholesale polo shirts manufacturers offers the checks in different ranges from tiny squares to big blocks and from subtle shades to dark hues.

Floral And Graphic Prints

While you keep your machismo to the peak raising the smart cut and colored polo collars, floral prints will rejuvenate your wardrobe with the freshness. Graphic and digital doodle on t-shirts one of the most new ideas to enhance your outfit. With funny cartoon prints to inspirational abstract motifs designers are taking cute to a whole new level!

Solid Block Neon Colors

Gone are the days when neon was a risk, some of the most popular wholesale polo shirts manufacturers across the world are designing polo shirts that boast the head turning neon colors. Wearer needs to only keep in mind their body type from skin tone to physique before making their purchase.

Basic Hue

Bulk purchasers must keep in mind while picking the dynamic wholesale polo shirts from manufacturers that wearers will always look for the classics no matter how many contemporary snazzy printed tees they pick. Out of the five one must heed to a basic color polo shirt that can be a fashion safe and yet retain its macho appeal. Here comes the need of choosing fabrics that are of ultimate quality, fade free and high durable that will last more than a season.

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