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Five Basic Questions Answered Resolving Clothing Retailing Problems

Manufacturers are growing steadily and consistently amidst the extremely sensitive consumer society. While the world goes immensely digital, booming entrepreneurs are turning online retailers and irrespective to the kind of products, reaching customers faster and completing their demands gets severe than ever! manufacturers are born to resolve such retail issues, minimizing the cost and maximizing profit and also allowing retailers to widen their scope of business to the best possible extent. Distributors have almost made retail business commencement a zero investment providing huge warehouse to stock as many or as little number products they want to keep.

The Five Questions Clothing Retailers Might Ask, Being Answered

How does manufacturing help retailers?

The biggest advantage of partnering with a manufacturing company is to speed up your business by delivering products on time to the customers. Also if you have an account with the clothes wholesalers and manufacturer they provide you with warehouses to stock items in bulk as well as in a limit, which means you don’t need a physical place and you save a lot of risks of making losses. You do not have to pay the manufacturing companies when you don’t make any sell.

How to find the clothing wholesalers?

Contacting the manufactures will be the ideal way to find manufacturers. In fact some global manufacturer and designers like Oasis Shirts are certified manufacturers making business for retailers smooth and successful. However, manufacturers are in connection with the best distributors and will be able to point best manufacturers in the business. You can also subscribe an online manufacturer contact directory and find the best that fulfills your requirements.

What is the basic fee structure of hiring manufacturer?

Per order fee basis, monthly order basis, and there is even something called purchasing minimums that defines the basic fee structure charged by a manufacturer. On the per order fee, manufacturer charge for the basic packaging and shipping individual products, which is quite common. There are manufacturer who charge a monthly ongoing process, which might be an indication of fake or poor quality shipping; therefore a retailer must be a little careful for this type of payment scheme. Some legitimate manufacturing companies ask for purchase minimums either on a monthly basis or on the first order. On the failure making successful sales they charge a nominal fee so you don’t fall into bigger financial crisis.

How can you as a retailer make sure customers do not order out-of-order stock products?


This is one of the biggest challenge retailers can encounter, because it is difficult to know which products are available and which items have gone out of stock. Therefore a retailer must always keep a tally with the listed products on stock from which customer places an order, and the product in stock with the manufacturer at their warehouse. Sometimes this can happen but if such mistakes repeat it can badly make your business image hamper.

How will a retailer determine if he/she is dealing with quality manufacturer?


This is one of the most significant questions a retailer needs to analyze and examine before they enter in a contract. A quality drop shipper is base of online retail business and its success. While a good manufacturer can make and take your business miles, a bad one can ruin it all. hence before making a commitment, once must check how dedicated and knowledgeable a drop shipping company’s sales representatives are. You can make a few test orders to check their fulfillment stamina, their delivery speed and communication advancements. You must have a background check and collect feedback from their existing clients.

A manufacturing company must have the following traits:

  • quick processing and prompt delivery
  • Numerous discount offers
  • High tech distribution facility

Good drop shipping wholesalers do not hamper the brand of the retailers yet allow them to make maximum benefits with minimum trouble.

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