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Dos’ and Dont’s of Donning a Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts are a piece of clothing made with tartan pattern in general, cast over the shoulder, wrapped around the waist and tightened at the front. Typically of flannel, a plaid shirt is mostly worn in winter but not necessarily though. You can wear them casually to elevate your style and personality. It will give you the exact rugged yet fashionable look.

While you are free to choose your own type from the wholesale plaid shirts there are certain “do’s and dont’s” that you should follow when it’ about plaids.

The do’s

  • All garments eventually tend to fade when the dye it contains isreleased from the fabric and plaids are no exception here. In fact, as they hold multiple colors, they are likely to get faded soon. So in such a case, if you are a plaid lover, you should preserve them well. A wash in cold water will minimize it’ risk of getting faded and if you are using the washing machine, don’t forget to add a little bit of vinegar!

  • If you are wearing it for a formal occasion, then don’t forget to accessorize it with a belt. Whenever one wears a plaid shirt for a formal or a semi-formal event, it is almost a mandate to wear a belt in order to complete your look. A belt is more than just an option to hold your trousers or legwear in place. It helps in breaking the monotony of the plain looking outfit. It helps in distinguishing your plaid shirt from your trousers.

  • Make sure that it fits you correct. If it’s too big or too small, it will neither be a pleasing sight to others, nor will contribute to your personality. Instead of going for your usual size like S or M, consider going for customized plaid shirts. Custom sized shirts are risk free as they come with the 100% assurance of fitting your body the way you would like it to.

The dont’s

  • Never ever try to play a “match-up”. Plaid shirts themselves come with beautiful mixed colors, patterns and they don’t need to be worn with plaid pants. If you think of wearing them together, like plaid shirts and plaid pants, then it will give the very appearance of a jumpsuit or worse, a clown. Go for the solid color pants instead.

  • Plaid shirts are produced with a crisp collar that helps highlighting your neckline, making you look good in the process. If you let the collars curl then it will only hurt your ability of carrying the entire look nicely, not to mention spoiling the shirt. Apart from going for a steam iron, use collar stays, a small strip of hard material that are used in the collars to hold them firmly in place.

  • Wrinkles are a part and parcel of clothing life. While some outfits are susceptible to wrinkles more, some get wrinkled less. In order to keep your plaid shirts wrinkle free, take the help of an iron and don’t forget to hang them immediately after washing and drying.

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