A Complete Understanding Of How To Wear Polo Shirts

Their exact date of origin is still a mystery, but as per popular beliefs, polo shirts made their first appearance in India in the late 19th century. The unique design of polo was too hard to avoid and was soon upgraded from sports clothing to a daily casual wear. Since then, polo has reigned supreme in the fashion circuit scenario. Men love to wear them and the reason is only but understandable. The shirts are comfortable, suited for a variety of occasions, look classically smart and can be worn with almost any other outfit. But is this information and undying love for polo enough to carry off the shirt? Are we missing out on something? To know more about the know-hows of polo shirts, read on. A variety of factors has been summarized as given below.

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The Fabric of the polo

Since polo serves as an all-rounder, a variety of fabrics are used to craft them. Cotton is a popular choice given that it ensures to keep you comfortable regardless of the season and weather. Polyester is often used to craft the polo shirts which are worn when playing sports for a reason simple enough- to absorb the sweat and keep you dry. Linen has become extremely popular in the recent years due to its long lasting facilities, it’s high breathability (hence comfortable to wear) and its ability to add dimension to the shirt. Sometimes wholesale polo shirts as available with prominent manufacturers are constructed using a blend of all these fabrics so as to provide you with everything that you can possibly ask for.

The Fit of the polo

Though there are a lot of arguments regarding this particular topic, but instead of counter arguing, let’s just focus on the fact. When it comes to the fit of the polo shirt, one must remember that the size matters a lot. A slim fit that enhances your body perfectly, the sleeves should be short and fitted, and the hem should end just below the belt line, is what you should be looking for. Too tight a polo shirt or too loose one will not contribute anything to your look, only adding to your plight. So a well-fit polo is the signature of a well-dressed man.

50 shades of polo

Polo shirts can come in a variety of shades that may very well range from dark solid shades to bright vibrant textures. The general preference usually stoops towards opting for plain polo shirts as it looks smarter and craftier some prefer the nifty stripe pattern as well. Men who are usually daring with their clothing expeditions often opt for quirky prints. However, as a word of caution, please ignore the use of big logos as they look ostentatious on all levels (and practically stupid).

How to wear polo

Polo shirts are versatile and that has already been very well established. You now know about their fabric and fit and color, but do you know how to wear them? No? Then yes, keep reading, the article is not done yet.

  • For a casual approach to your polo (long or short sleeves), you can match them with a pair of joggers and white trainers. Mind the length and pick a dark color, you are good to go. There is absolutely no need to overdo the accessories. Shoes work just fine.
  • When wearing a polo shirt for a formal occasion, try to maintain the conventional approach by teaming your shirt with a structured blazer and a pair of straight leg trousers. A pair of leather loafers will render the appearance a smart finish.
  • If you are down with the summer heat, and want to get into the holiday mode, then you can team your polo shirt (a printed one) with a pair of knee length shorts and loafers to look awesomely cool. Oh, and a straw hat for the cheeky guise!


Thus, as a final word, now that you know everything, literally everything about a polo shirt, wear it correctly. Celebrated manufacturers have assembled an entire range of cheap polo shirts wholesale that can be purchased by retailers in bulk while securing massive discounts.


A Complete Understanding Of How To Wear Polo Shirts


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