Clothing Items To Invest In For a Successful French Theme Wardrobe

When it comes to recreating a French Girls style, there are a few basics that you need to swear by. Creating the ideal classic outfit is really easy but to imbibe the French style into your outfit is what that you need to learn. Be it outfits inspired from French actresses or a magazine that you chanced upon at the airport there is more to a timeless French style than statement red lips. The ideal rule is to play with colors and accents but not to go overboard with it. Hence, one of the popular private label t-shirt manufacturer have come up with a collection you should definitely have a look at. Meanwhile read on the blog below to know about the current French fashion trends you should invest in.

Pink Love

An outfit comprising of white shirt, fuchsia pant and a baby pink trench coat is everything that you’ll need to nail a workday look. Opt for a fitted silhouette since you don’t want your outfit to look mis-fitted for an important meeting. For the shoes, opt for a pair of nude pumps to add some length to your height.

Pastel Slayer

Sometimes there’s a great way to add a pastel accent to a casual outfit. Hence, all you need to do is wear a high-waisted mom-jeans with a neutral toned shirt. In case of the pastel addition, make sure to layer your outfit with a lavender toned sweater. This attire is perfect for a fall day. If you want to add a sporty edge to the look , opt for bejeweled converse.

Leather Weather

If you though leather was something that was preferred by only the wild west folks, then you’re wrong. French girls also like to include some leather pieces in their outfit as well. All you need to do is opt for a silk beige shirt that can be worn with a leather pencil skirt. You can either opt for a glossy leather or matte, depending on your choice. Regarding the shoes, nothing can be better than a pair of vintage brown boots.

Print Love

The print on print aesthetic is something that a lot of women tend to avoid , simply because they fear a fashion faux pass. Although you can do it elegantly as well, especially if it is meant for the summer season. Hence, all you need to do is opt for a floral printed shirt and a black and white stripped midi skirt. In case of the footwear, strappy heels are a best way to maintain the feminine chic look.

Summer Chic

A lemon yellow shirt can be a great way to usher in the pleasant summer months. Hence, the best way to style this shirt is with a brown plaid shirt. For the outerwear , select a double breasted blazer with rose gold buttons. In case of shoes, stick to kitten heels to complete the look.

Country Road Appropriate

Not all the outfits need to be work wear oriented. You can create a feminine countryside look with the help of a lace hemline white shirt and denim shorts. The classic approach is something that will allow you to nail the look every time. In case of make-up the best thing to opt for is a creamy red lipstick that you can use as a blush as well.

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