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Choosing The Right Dress Shirt For A Suit: 5 Helpful Tips

Got a wedding to attend soon? You might know, a dress shirt is the best friend of a suit, but do you know that it comes with the power of making or breaking it? Even if you want to play safe and go with a premium-quality, custom-fitted suit, you would still need to pick the right dress shirt to make sure of a cohesive and clean appearance.

Wearing any random color, poor-quality shirt won’t help. Now you can ask ‘’…but how to find ‘the one’ out of a broad variety of wholesale dress shirts available in the market these days?’’

Well, memorize these tips listed below:

Decide on the fabric

Dress shirts are constructed out of different materials. While cotton dress shirts are comfortable, fluffy, easy-to-maintain, and light, linen dress shirts are thinner and lighter than cotton ones. Some dress shirts are made of combined fabrics and a popular combination is cotton and polyester. So, think carefully before picking the material.

About the color

When it’s a casual occasion, going for a multi-colored dress shirt that displays a plaid print or comprises horizontal stripes is perfectly fine, but, since it’s about pairing with a suit for a wedding, stick to a single, classy color. Never wear a dress shirt in the same color as that of your suit jacket.

Check the collar

Check the collar of the shirt. It may happen that the shirt fits your body nicely but the collar is too small to fit around your neck. The collar of your dress shirt needs to close around your neck without being restrictive.

Mind the length

Your shirt should be long enough to tuck into your trousers. Reputed wholesale shirts manufacturers craft top-quality dress shirts in such a way that they can easily be tucked in. Your dress shirt doesn’t need to be unnecessarily long but just see to it that it’s not so short that it easily comes out after an hour or so.

When it’s the fit…

Consider the fit of the dress shirt. Yes, a major part of your shirt will be covered by your suit jacket but that doesn’t mean that you should be careless about the fit and buy anything that’s too big or too small. It should fit snugly against your body and there shouldn’t be excess fabric on both sides.

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