Choosing the Best and Comfortable Pregnancy Wears

Preparing for motherhood is usually such a great feeling for most mothers and it always comes with a lot of physical changes. These physical changes will require a change of clothes as the pregnancy grows through the trimester processes.

As the baby bump grows, some women usually find it difficult to fit into their clothes as normally as they would. For women who it is their first time, it is not necessary to purchase a new closet of maternity wear. Most pregnant women always want to slay on a budget and here are a few tips on how to achieve that with comfortable wear and when to wear them.

When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

For the first trimester which is the first three months, an expectant mom can always wear their normal clothes which means shopping may not be required during this period. Most women should shop for fewer items like larger bras or more loose fitting clothes to improve their comfort.

The second trimester is usually between 3-6 months and during this period, it will be important to purchase maternity clothing which includes wearing bigger clothes. The majority of women usually go in for maternity wears when they are 6 months gone.

What You Need

There are several fashionables and trending maternity clothing but it does necessarily mean one needs to invest in purchasing expensive clothes to get a full closet. It is advisable to get a few major clothing items that can always be matched with other clothes. Think about the weather and seasonal changes during the pregnancy period. Also bear in mind that, some of these clothes will still be worn for a while after the baby is born.

Key Items Of Clothing For Pregnant Women

  • Having a comfortable nursing bra
  • A comfy cotton underwear
  • Two sets of well-cut maternity trousers. This includes maternity leggings or jeans
  • Get a plain skirt or dress, like a stretch jersey wrap dress
  • Also, obtain a maxi dress and jacket
  • Including maternity tops on the shopping list is also vital.
  • Have at least one smart outfit
  • Also, get comfortable, flat shoes

Not all clothes must be discarded during the pregnancy stage as one can continue wearing their longer blouses and even sweaters. Also, slay on a budget by getting a pregnancy belt to broaden normal jeans and pants.

Where To Buy Maternity Clothes

Several stores do have a maternity clothing collection as well as many stores specialize in selling strictly maternity wear. Shopping online can aid in saving lots of money and here are some ways to save money.

Tips To Save Money

  • Go in for big, affordable, flexible/elastic t-shirts and vest tops.
  • Always try to purchase maternity clothes when they are up for sales – always purchase the clothing according to the weather or prior to it.
  • Some old clothes can also be adapted to fit the current size. This includes using a pregnancy belt, moving buttons, and switching elastics with drawstrings.


It is important to always select as many free clothes as possible when shopping for maternity clothes. The looser fitting the clothes are, the more comfortable they will be making room for flexibility.

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