Chic Ways You Can Incorporate The White Button Shirt In Your Summer Outfit List

The classic white button down shirt is one of the timeless piece of clothing you can invest in. Its tailored shape and the crisp cotton material brings elegance to your silhouette without being over the top. It is also a woman’s unofficial uniform hence a perfect way to incorporate into your everyday attires. But if you want to take a detour from the traditional route and opt for a unique style, then it would be advisable to select certain complementary pieces that are extra-ordinary but won’t take away the limelight from the star of the outfit, i.e. white shirt.

You can select your white button down shirt from a wide range of fits. The skinny ones are perfect to be worn with a layered look . Whereas the oversized ones can be trickily styles to accentuate your silhouette. Thus, have a look through the unique collection of shirts in bulk that are worth the investment.

High Waisted Shirt

Have you ever tried wearing a white shirt with a mandarin collar and an ultra high-waisted skirt. It’s the ultimate outfit for the office . You can incorporate some color into the clothing by opting for a forest green skirt in a suede texture. For the shoes, pointed pump heels is the best option even though you can opt for boots as well. Make sure that the hair is tied in a messy bun ref. Meghan Markle.

Matte Leather Look

This outfit is also about a skirt but with an edgy twist. Matte leather is in, and if you want to look like the uber-chic woman of the 90’s movies, then it will be advisable to opt for a knee length leather skirt. Opt for colors like tan brown or camel yellow that look really cool with a white shirt. For the jewelry opt for a sleek gold pendant and a bracelet. For the shoes, the best idea is to opt for strappy heels.

Royal Blue Trouser Look

Tuck in a silk white blouse into a royal blue trouser for the successful client meeting. You want to appear all serious but that does not mean you’ll compromise in the style department. For the layering element you can either opt for a blazer or wear the shirt as it is. For the footwear, nude pumps are the best option . Make sure to opt for smoky eyes to add some drama to the look.

White On White Look

Don’t be afraid to try the all white look with your clothing. Hence, select a white satin blouse that you can wear with an ivory white flowy skirt . Clinch a metallic gold belt around the waist to allow the color palette to stand out. Similarly, opt for a matte gold heels as these will help you to accentuate the outfit. In case of makeup it would be advisable to stick to bold red lips and wavy hair.

Colored Denim

The white shirt and denim look is something that we all have tried once in our lifetime. But now you can style the outfit in a unique way by opting for a colored denim pant. If you don’t want to go bold with your outfit then make sure to select a dark tone like marsala or even an earthy brown to complete the look. For the shoes, you can select boots that has an animal print leather.

Retailers who want to include trendy shirts in their store can get in touch with one of the popular shirt wholesalers and browse through the unique collection of clothing that the shirt manufacturer has in store. After selecting the required pieces, state the bulk needs to the customer care team of the shirt suppliers.