All That You Need To Know About Men’s Dress Shirts

Are you fond of wearing dress shirts? So does most men. This is a common menswear wardrobe staple that denotes manliness in its true sense. If you’re a retailer eager to stock up dress shirts, get in touch with a renowned dress shirt manufacturer.

Understanding dress shirt fabric

Let’s take a look at 3 of the major fabrics used for weaving dress shirts.

  • Cotton

Men love to wear dress shirts tailored with finely woven cotton fabric as such a smooth and durable shirt is a perfect garment for wearing close to the body.

  • Man-made fibers

Man-made fibers are often used to craft men’s dress shirts as these are resistant to stains and wrinkles and offer a flawless display on wear.

  • Silk

This luxury fabric looks charming because of its sheen and feathery drape.

All about dress shirt colors

Let’s dive into the world of colors dress shirts are dyed with.

  • White

White used to be the first choice for a gentleman’s shirt. And still today, white remains a timeless color for men’s dress shirts. You can safely wear a white shirt for any event to look poise and classy.

  • Blue

Blue is that one color that complements every man’s complexion. Blue is a very popular color choice for dress shirts.

  • More shades

From pink and lavender to off-white, green and red, a variety of hues can be seen in contemporary dress shirts. Do you like to experiment with fashion? Then, you can wear any of these unique dress shirt colors to set yourself apart in a crowd of men.

Exploring dress shirt patterns

  • Solid

This is the simplest, most formal and versatile pattern for dress shirts. Wearing a solid dress shirt means a prominent display of the style and fit of your garment. Different weaves add variety to a dress shirt’s look for a refreshing break from monotony.

  • Stripes

A classic blue or white dress shirt remains classic but a touch of bold accents of pink or red stripes can liven up the basic colors of your dress shirt.

  • Checks

A checked shirt can look overpowering if you wear with a suit and striped tie to exhibit an elite outfit combination.

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