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All About The Fabric Used For Weaving Men’s Polo Shirts

Before we talk about the fabric of polo tees, it’s useful to mention how these cool and casual t-shirts evolved when the famous tennis star, Rene Lacoste developed them from the original Oxford button-down shirt.

Lacoste’s first featuring of the polo involved the use of pique cotton which is a soft, open-weave fabric for constructing this menswear. Here, we shall speak about the common polo shirt textiles with special emphasis on cotton pique, the most popular fiber for high-quality polo tees.

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What Is Pique Thread And How It’s Made?

Besides rare material choices such as silk and polyester, a majority of men’s polo shirts are woven with 100% cotton fabric. But among cotton polo tees, there are two specific material types that are used in their crafting and these are pique and jersey. You’ll find polo tees to be knitted with high-quality pique or jersey that gives it an incredibly soft and even finish.

More On Pique And Jersey

Jersey – Though the jersey knitting trend is more popular with t-shirts, this material is also used for men’s overcoats. But previously, this closely knitted fiber was extensively put to use as the textile for underwear.
Pique – It’s true that jersey fabric is quite a common material for polos, but it’s the Pique feel and appeal that determines the class and elegance of polo t-shirts. This premium fabric is knitted like a honeycomb weave that resembles geometric patterns and is known to make polo shirts so very durable and breathable. It is the use of cotton pique that lends polos the unique quality of being worn as flexible sportswear for gents.

What Is Double Pique?

Heard of double knit where two kinds of threads are mixed to form a single fabric? Well, that’s exactly what double pique stands for. At times, this technique is applied to reduce costs and thus, a material of inferior quality like polyester is blended with natural cotton yarn.

In polo tees of superior quality, double pique is used on a higher scale to create unusual color varieties and fine patterns so that this outerwear gets a subtly appealing aesthetic. This knitting trend is also applied to produce polo tees that are more sustainable and heavyweight.

Pique Vs Jersey: Which One Is A Better Choice?

Well, it depends on your individual taste that which polo tee you’ll purchase. If you like a softer and smoother fabric finesse, jersey-knit can be the right option for you.

But if you prefer a t-shirt that has a detailed look and strong material that breathes well, a pique-knit polo shirt should be your ultimate selection in outerwear. After all, pique was the initial choice of Rene Lacoste!

The intricate and textured knit makes pique polo shirts of supreme quality a men’s apparel that looks and feels much more refined as well as poise. Plus, the collar of tees that are stitched with this specific material stays firm and structured no matter for how long you wear them! So, for an authentic polo look and comfort, pique is the ideal choice for guys.

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