5 Step Guide To Manage Costs On Private Label Flannel Shirt Orders For Start Ups

Private label products have outdone themselves in the very recent past and bear massive potential for the future as well. Therefore, if you have commenced your endeavours in this direction, this may be the best decision you have taken in a while. However, it is necessary to know that profit margins in private label products are lesser as compared with brands. Therefore, things could be much better in terms of achieving wholesome goals of profit and popularity if you learn the trick of managing costs right from the onset. Here are a few tried and tested tips that you can put to use right away…

Order in bigger bulksPrivate label clothing wholesalers these days, offer more advantages on larger bulk orders than on smaller ones. Therefore, if you have made up your mind on what to stock on your shelves for the season and have already made a predictive calculation on expected sale, you could place larger orders and bag better discounts that can lead to massive saving.

Control customization – Customization is the very essence of private label. But then, there is no end to how far customization and go which eventually reflects on costs per piece. Take for example, almost all top private label t shirt manufacturers USA allow bulk buyers to customize everything from materials, colours, stitches, types of prints (sublimation / regular etc), logos, embroideries, motifs and more. In short, they allow buyers to create their own clothing line from scratch.

If on the other hand, you go easy on customization and keep it to logos and prints only, costs can be managed significantly without compromising on the individuality of your brand.

Choose competitive providers – Not all private label shirt manufacturers offer all inclusive packages where cost, quality and service excellence are perfectly harmonized. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right manufacturers as far as saving on costs in concerned, a comparative search needs to be conducted than going outright for those that are the cheapest. Competitive providers may not offer the cheapest deals, but they will certainly offer a harmony that will help you house worthy products in your shelves that can be priced profitably with customers returning for more.

Take a close look at the added advantage the wholesalers offer – Always take a look at the added advantages offered by wholesalers like free / discounted shipping, free rework (if necessary), discount on next orders etc. These can add to cutting down on costs significantly.


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