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5 Popular Maternity Shirt Designs That Are Loved By Every New Mommy

When you get the news that you are pregnant and you are told to change your lifestyle, you know that it’s time to change your wardrobe as well. Those tight, short tees that you loved to wear would need to be pushed at a corner and you would have to purchase maternity shirts.

But don’t worry! Today, maternity shirts aren’t boring or dull as they used to be once! Popular maternity shirts manufacturers work hard round the clock and bring an exciting range where the designs are not only eye-catching but the shirts are super comfortable as well!

Given below is a list that talks about the 5 most trending maternity shirt designs:

The Happy Baby Wrapped In

When your bump shows a baby wrapped inside a cloth, the knot of which is attached to that of a safety pin, it’s what you can call the cutest design. This particular design is further available in different colors, so you can easily pick the one that suits your taste and preferences.

Peeking Baby

Another lovely design is a little baby peeping out through a zipped opening that’s shown right in the stomach area of the shirt, signifying ‘a new member’ coming soon. These shirts too are available in ample shades and styles.

Baseball Bump

In maternity wholesale clothes, this shirt design is making an impression everywhere, where the baby bump of the mother resembles a baseball. If you like the game and want your child to grow up to be a baseball player someday, then it’s a must-have!

Hands-Off-The-Bump Shirt

As soon as you get the feeling of a new mother, you experience different kinds of emotions inside you and one of them is feeling protective for your baby. Want to make it evident? Get a ‘’hands-off-the-bump’’ shirt. You can get such a shirt in different materials and sizes.

Please Wait… Baby Loading Shirt

A unique design is when you can see ‘’please wait… baby loading’’ mentioned on the shirt. The arrival of the little one resembles the progress of installing or loading any software on the computer. These shirts come in both half as well as full sleeves but the half-sleeve style is more popular and comfortable to be in as well.

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