5 Absolutely Stunning Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt This Summer

When it comes to wearing denim shirts, we somewhat become partial in our approach. We dread the denim on denim or are genuinely scared about other combinations for we are scared that the end result would be something disastrous. Blame it on the high standards set by the fashion police, but denim shirts are a versatile piece of clothing and can be styled any way you want to wear it. Now, if you are lacking on proper style tips, then this article is perfect for you. Five high-end styling tips for denim shirts have been summarized as given below for the fashion-forward crowd.

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#Style no 1

The safest bait for denim shirts is the denim on denim combination. Now, this fail-safe look is preferred by many for one simple reason- it requires no fuss. And it looks smart. So two advantages counted and we are hooked. Pick a light wash shirt and tuck it in a pair of dark jeans (preferably dark blue). Wear a pair of ballerinas to give it a fresh touch of simplicity. And no accessories can be the best accessory you dawn for the outfit.

#Style no 2

If you are a creative person, not afraid to experiment with your look, then pick an uber feminine tulle skirt in neutral shades and team it with a classic denim shirt. You can select different washes as available with coveted manufacturers who deal with wholesale denim shirts. Use a belt to hold the two pieces together. A pair of the pump for footwear will help you achieve the finesse you want. To dress it up more, use a chunky neckpiece and bangles.

#Style no 3

Another shirt-skirt combo (but it is worth the try!). But this time, opt for something more vibrant and pulsating, like a leopard print skirt. Tuck your shirt in, and for extra sassiness, you can use a statement belt. Go for a pair of red stilettoes for that will help you stand out in the crowd. To keep the ensemble grounded, you can go for a sans accessories façade.

#Style no 4

What if you get to combine two timeless classic fashion pieces together for a very sober and subtle guise? Well, it already gives rise to a variety of speculation. But before you speculate and head in the complete opposite direction, the indication is towards a black pencil skirt and a denim shirt. To keep it simple, just tuck the shirt in your skirt, slip into a pair of black pumps and walk out with supreme confidence. You will be unbeaten girls!

#Style no 5

Since summer is the time when you get to play around with the hues as much as you want without getting judged, a floral dress and a lightweight denim shirt can be the perfect amalgamation of elegant individuals. Tie the short in a front knot for the casual look. A pair of ballerinas will help you maintain that spontaneous natural look. Use shades for style and protection (from the overhead sun rays!).

So go ahead. Pick the one you like the most and stun all the onlookers. You can get quality denim shirts wholesale from prominent manufacturers. Retailers who are looking to make a bulk purchase can acquire the finest items at discounted prices.


5 Absolutely Stunning Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt This Summer


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