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4 Streamlined Shirts That Are A Must For All Men

We all have an affinity to lean towards simple and versatile men’s clothing. A successful wardrobe must contain pieces that have the ability to make an impact on all the onlookers. Shirts, like the perfect blessing from Gods of Fashion, have made the most of a stylish man’s closet for years. The construction, fit, color, fabric and color, all have equal contributions to making a short look stunning and elegant. Since it only makes sense to pick a few shirts; here is a list of four that we all agree are essentials. With bulk clothing suppliers having brought new designs to the circuit, keep reading to make a highly inspired revolution in your wardrobe.

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Dress shirts

The pristine white color of a dress shirt is something that is so undeniably sexy that even thinking of it makes a man look smothering hot. Perfect for formal occasions, the conventionalism of a dress shirt looks best when paired with a tuxedo (now, imagine James Bond, yes, you pictured it right!). Dress shirts as available with reputed wholesale clothing manufacturer come in a variety of shades like lavender, pink and grey as well which truly are subtle and eye-soothing.

Denim shirts

If anything has the ability to stand out for its flamboyance, then denim shirt is the right pick to make. Other than the undeniable comfort it offers, denim shirts bring about a perfect balance between spontaneity and conventionalism. Go for denim on denim or just pair them with a light color chino, the appearance is always alluring. Smart and nifty, the denim shirt is the piece that every fashionable man should have in their wardrobe to win some hearts and phone numbers.

Flannel shirts

Another piece which the modern man can’t do without is the flannel shirt. Withstanding the test of time, flannel shirts have proved that their leading position in the circuit is going to go undeterred for many years. The sheer appeal of the plaid flannel is enough to make it an important piece in the men’s fashion department. Flannel wholesale shirts available with top-notch manufacturers in a variety of colors only add to their popularity. Team them with a pair of jeans and plimsolls to make jaw-dropping appearances every time you step out of the house.

Casual patterned shirts

Tropical patterns, stripes, polka dots and some random abstract prints, these are the casual patterns of the season (to say) that are winning the fashion scenario. Simple yet attractive, grounded yet appealing, these prints have their own story to tell. Pair them with a bottom wear which goes with the ensemble (for instance, team your striped shirt with a nice pair of beige trousers). Make sure to use the correct accessories for a more tempting guise in any related occasion you attend.

On that note, it is not possible to have too many shirts in the wardrobe, but having these few will suffice your personal style and help your wardrobe look distinctive. Celebrated wholesale clothing suppliers have an inventory full of the same that retailers can purchase from. Discounts are available in case of bulk purchase.


4 Streamlined Shirts That Are A Must For All Men