4 Modern Ways to Wear a Printed Shirt for Men

The key to nailing the printed shirt aesthetic is to first master the essentials of menswear. You can easily make the right impression by curating your personal style according. However, men who want to make a transition from a statement attire to a clothing that will be memorable, then the printed shirts will definitely come to your rescue. These are one of the best ensembles to leave a mark on people with your clothing choice.

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So, let’s read on the blog below for more style tips to pull off these statement pieces.

Classic prints

If you are primarily into classic clothing pieces, then you do not have to opt for printed shirts that scream ‘look at me’! A simple print can also elevate the classic casual look and will keep your wardrobe from being a total bore. People who are embracing such pattern for the first time, can relax on the graphic and color schemes. Start off with stripes and gingham in muted hues to create a sophisticated ensemble.

Hawaiian shirts

Hawaiian shirts have become a classic since the 1970’s and have garnered a renaissance reputation for its amazing style. The modern version of the Hawaiian shirts features sharp slim-fitted cuts and graphics in gorgeous botanical designs and bold color pallet comprising of black, emerald green, and sandy yellowwith blobs of coral and teal. You can pair your Hawaiian shirt with dark fitted pants and statement white sneakers to complete the look.

Kitsch Prints

Thanks to Gen-z’s obsession with all things revival, the vintage-inspired prints are enjoying the center stage right out. This is one of the fun and interesting parts of men’s fashion where designers have come up with amazing shirt options that amplify the kitsch element. You can expect to find the iconic banana print, hot dog and even hamburger on shirts for this style. These shirts are boxy, with patch pockets and camp collars perfect for styling a revival trend with modern elements.

Animal Prints

For the maximalist men out there, audacious animal prints have become the rage this season. There are the teeth-baring tigers to screeching monkeys printed on button-up shirts. You need two things to pull off the look with panache, lots of courage and solid colored pants. You can stick to simple silhouettes and pants like chinos and classic jeans are perfect for balancing the look.

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