3 Ways To Play Up With Stylish Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are look amazing and are a wardrobe staple to all fashionistas as this is one piece of clothing you can rarely go wrong with. As such you can wear these plaid shirts all the year round but honestly, they look the best in fall and winter. These stylish flannel shirts can be worn in innumerable different ways and the best part of them is that they are warm, comfortable and usually cost effective as well. Wearing them as a jacket, over denim and around the waist or hip are common methods of flaunting these chic shirts but let’s discover some other ways of peeping up your look with this versatile garment so that you can make many more different looks with the same piece of clothing. Now that’s talking cost effective.

Keep it simple and wear as a shirt

In winter, wear these plaid shirts just the way its worn. Then put a sleeveless sweater from top that is monochromatic. Now, the plaid pattern will be visible only across the sleeves while the body will be solid colored. This is a simple and effective way of making a style statement.

Flannels can make you look sexy too!

Generally flannel shirt is a very sober piece of clothing. But if you are heading to disco right after a full day of work, then you can make this shirt look sexy by opening a few buttons down. With a glimpse of your cleavage it will surely add oomph to your outfit. You can go bling by wearing accessories along the neck as there will be sufficient place for them now.

Chuck the denims and go for a skirt

Forget the jeans for once while donning these plaid shirts. Tuck them into a skater skirt and add tights to it for the perfect winter look. This outfit will indeed make you look gorgeous.

If you are a supplier, retailer or store owner, then only would you need to purchase these wonderful shirts in bulk quantity. For bib volume purchase, its best to buy these stylish flannel shirts directly from the manufacturer as they are the ones who can provide you with the most reasonable prices without compromising on the quality. In your store, you can endorse these different looks of flannel shirts that can inspire individuals to buy and your business to proliferate.