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3 Types of Dress Shirts and How To Wear Them The Casual Way

Everyone knows that a dress shirt is meant for the suits and blazer, perfectly complementing the conventionalism. But why stop the potential of a dress shirt when it can be equally flattering when worn with casual pieces. This can make your life easier, when you have to think about all those smart casual days, without breaking the clothing norms. Using three types of dress shirts, and a couple of jeans (varying in colour and shape), here is mentioned few tips on how to dress them appropriately that will garner you compliments from all the onlookers.

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A white dress shirt

A white shirt is an absolute need for every man, whether or not you are an avid fashion follower. Moreover, it is a staple that is found in the wardrobe. When combined with a pair of jeans, a variety of look can be achieved to fulfil the criteria of smart casual. It is always best to opt for a darker shade for the denims so as to let the shirt be the stand out piece in the ensemble. A pair of loafers will help you maintain the casual twist with ease.

A black dress shirt

Though many men would want to go for a blue shirt (it is a ubiquitous shade), but the variation of a dress shirt in black is something more mysterious and versatile. It helps you pull off the sleek look with ease. You either go for an all-black look by picking a pair of black jeans, or wear a light washed one, in grey or blue to create a contrasting effect. Opt for a pair of boots to complete the approach in style. You can get the black button down from mens dress shirts wholesale suppliers.

A striped dress shirt

Since stripes are in spotlight now (and for all the right reasons), having a dress shirt in this nifty pattern is pretty standard. Wholesale dress shirt suppliers have assembled a vast collection of the same that will astound you. You can opt for a white and black striped shirt for that will add dimensions to your personality. You can team it with a pair of tailored jeans in light blue shade for more structure. Furthermore, you can wear a pair of trainers to appear spontaneous and effortless.

Hence, the humble dress shirt which has become timeless and classic is a must addition to the wardrobe. The versatility of the dress shirt is what makes it a necessity. Not only formal, but it goes well with casual too, when you team it correctly, with a pair of jeans. Prominent dress shirt manufacturers have designed a plethora of them that can be purchased in bulk online by retailers at discounted prices.

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3 Types of Dress Shirts and How To Wear Them The Casual Way