3 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Flannel Shirt and How to Wear Them

Flannel shirts- so much have been written and spoken about them, yet it seems nothing. Such is the charm of a flannel shirt. if you are still wondering why you should have them and how to wear them, then keep scrolling down for much has been discussed below.


Now to really answer this question, one has to completely understand that flannel has a long history. It was first introduced to the world by the Scottish farmers who wanted to wear something protective to fight the harsh Scottish winter. Little did they know that this one piece would revolutionize the fashion world! But keeping the jokes aside, here are three good reasons why every man needs a flannel shirt.


Customized Flannel Shirts


  • A flannel shirt is constructed out of flannel. Good use of common sense. However, flannel is usually weaved from two types of fabrics, popularly cotton and wool. While cotton flannel is great for the hotter months, wool flannel is thick and keeps you warm.
  • Flannel is considered to be one of the most comfortable fabrics ever. It keeps you at ease no matter what the weather is; just pick them up with the right ingredient (refer to the point above).
  • Flannel is uber stylish and versatile. Though it has a long history of being associated with grunge and casual seating, flannel has come a long way and can be considered the most flamboyant piece ever. Be it for a formal occasion or for a casual gathering, the simplest of checkered flannel shirts ensemble works an immense


Now the real question is, asked by millions, how do you wear a flannel shirt? There are millions of permutation and combination on how to wear a flannel shirt, however, let us focus on the two most popular styles- one for casual and one for smart casual.

For casual- When going for the casual get-go, the easiest way to wear a flannel shirt is to throw it over a plain t-shirt. A white tee, a pair of jeans, sneakers and the flannel shirt thrown over casually is spontaneous and natural with impact enough to melt hearts. This one particular combination works well on chilly evenings as well for the shirt acts as a jacket. While the basic shades for flannel always work, you can also opt for customized flannel shirts for they have a charm of their own.

For smart casual- This is trading over risky waters, however, get it right and you are good to go! Pick a structured suit in grey or dark blue and wear the flannel shirt underneath. Stick to darker shades that complement the tone of the suit. Derby for footwear and attitude for accessory; your colleagues will praise you.

On that note, a flannel shirt is the best friend that a man can have. It sits in the wardrobe with all glory and we have justified that having them in our closet is the best thing ever.

With custom flannel shirt displayed in their inventory, top manufacturers are open to selling them to interested retailers. For the retailers- you can register with them online and get unlimited access to the massive inventory.


3 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Flannel Shirt and How to Wear Them