3 Classic Shirts That Can Add Spice To Your Wardrobe!

Is your shirts wardrobe in a rut? If people around you have started to identify what kind of shirts you wear with you, then we are sorry to break it to you, but you have a dress code in your life!

Now, you must be thinking to yourself – ‘so what? A lot of people have the same kind of clothes!’ To that we would like to say that unless you are a billionaire, being well-dressed and appealing is part of your job (if you do not work indoors). To help with that, this blog brings you 3 classic shirts that are totally going to mix things up and give you your sense of style back.

We decided with classics because they are unique in most cases. Ready to find out? Take a look –

Slim Long Sleeve Polos

If you have not tried this before, then you should now. Slim fit long sleeve polo shirts have the essence of retro and yet holds the flamboyance back for a good day to day look. There are a myriad color options, but going for something light is generally the accepted style.

Also, make sure that you have an elasticated arm band, just so you can pull it up your forearms to create the perfect casual sexy look!

Slim Fit Contrast Vertical Striped Full Shirts

You have probably seen 70’s and 80’s gangsters wear it, but it has become way more mainstream since then, thanks to striped shirts manufacturer companies. Buying it slim fit and making sure that the vertical stripes work like a charm by going for high contrast shades (not black and white though), should work like a charm.

For instance the dark blue base would do wonders with a orange-ish medium width vertical stripe and you could wear it for the night and for the morning after. Interesting, is it not?

Classic Greek Print T shirt

Move over wholesale striped t shirts, it is time for some bold and routine breaking ritual. In terms of design, the classic Greek print is simple – half sleeves and a crew neck. However, it steals the entire show with its bold colors, renaissance art, and beautiful busts and faces of the richest ancient Western Civilization.

It’s out of the box and makes a great statement about your personal style – not to mention that the honor of the gods also remains with you!

These are the 3 shirts that can totally shatter your wardrobe’s routine structure and bring space for new and exciting things to happen. Who would have thought that all you needed for that to happen was wholesale striped shirts, long sleeve polos, and a classic half sleeve Greek and renaissance art t shirt!