3 Basic Shirts That Your Wardrobe Must Have For A Dashing Look!

For any wardrobe to work well, the bedrock of it has to be solid. Most men consider their shirts collection as the very foundation on which their wardrobe is built. In this blog, we are going to take a look at 3 basic shirts that your wardrobe must have for a dashing look.

Already excited?

Then let us take a look at how you can change your persona into being something extraordinary with these designs from the top shirts wholesalers?

The Classic White Shirt

A true blue classic in every sense of the term, this one is something you definitely need in your wardrobe to make a mark. We are talking about some tucked in fashion paired with some khaki pants, slim sneakers, and a good shade of sunglasses.

The classic white shirt is definitely the kind of apparel you need as your emergency go-to. It can move from formal to casual fashion pretty well, and that is one of the reasons why you should definitely get a few of those!

The Lounging Party Shirt

One of the many reasons why you should have the lounging party shirt in your collection is because of the glamor it adds to the wardrobe. From shining textures to embezzled or sequinned patters, this shirt is just the thing for your night owl look.

Paired with well fitted trousers and a regal loafer for shoes, this regal look will definitely accentuate your wardrobe to the next level, thanks to your retailer’s shirt manufacturer!

The Cool Flannel Shirt

You have a classic vibe and a flamboyant vibe in your wardrobe with these two. Now all you need is something that adds the cool and casual to the story – and you have covered most of the major looks.

Nothing says cool and casual better than the flannel shirt. It brings plenty of options as well, from vintage flannel shirts, to plaid flannel and so much more. You could in fact pick a few varieties of this one to add to mix things up a bit!

These are the 3 shirts that give your wardrobe collection the push it needs. Once you get there, your style statement is going to trendy and flexible at the same time!

For retailers reading this, ordering these 3 shirts in bulk for your store will be one of the major drivers for your business. Get in touch with one of the top shirts suppliers today and find out more!


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