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The Widest Array Private Label Dress Shirts That Men Should Have In Their Closets

From date nights, to formal occasions, semi-formal functions, business meetings and more, the one outfit that men can count on has to be the dress shirt. The most versatile closet staple, the handsome dashing men can never go wrong in them. There was a time when the dress shirts used to look dull and boring with few colors available, and today, the wholesale designers are bringing in a wide array of colors style, cuts, and designs to give way to a variety that can help men pull off different types of attires and style statements.

You might dread that what if you end up being in the average, ordinary solid colored dress shirt and look like the rest without any unique appeal? Today, the leading retailers have come up with the most state- of- the-art range of dress shirts that embody class and smartness.


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Here are some of the fresh new private label dress shirts brought in by the leading private label clothing brands that symbolise style in a redefined manner.

Cotton Flannel Tailored Dress Shirt

One of the best looking dress shirt designs available in the market today, the cotton flannel tailored dress shirt style is a closet must have. Found in dark shades and neutral hues, from the blacks to greys and maroons, this shirt design fits everyone perfectly for being tailored with amazing line and length. Also, the use of smooth and fine textured cotton flannel shirt vouches on comfort and durability.

The Inner Contrast Dress Shirts

From first date to family dinner, add some prep to your classy look in the inner contrast dress shirts that come in a combination of two colors that fuse together proportionately. The buttoned area and the inner collar come in a different shade, and the body has a different color tone. The wise uses of colors make these shirts fashionable, and add to one’s sophisticated appeal effortlessly.

The Pastel Shaded Slim Dress Shirts

The pastel shaded slim dress shirts might flare out at the bottom, and hence look the best with sleekness when you tuck them in to get the right contemporary edge. They also come in the contrasting combination of light and dark shaded colors, one being a pastel and the other being the neutral tone. Wear them to the evening parties to get a very elegant silhouette.

The Plaid Trim Dress Shirts

The plaid trim on the sleeves, collar, and pockets are what makes the plaid trim dress shirts look so unique. These come in a range of soft and dark colors exuding a very wow-worthy appeal, and worthy to be worn at family gatherings or even at the semi-formal occasions. They are of good quality and fit snugly and the wearers don’t need to think much about wearing cuff links with these because the sleeves are meant to be turned inside out to show the design pattern.

The Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts

The nice and comfortable wrinkle free dress shirts crafted by private wholesale clothing distributors mostly come with contrasting colored lining and are perfect for special occasions, business wear, casual, or formal events. These are very different and unique, and also don’t need to be pressed every now and then, hence can be easily maintained.

The Two Toned Checkered Dress Shirts

For the casual occasions then you would like to wear the dress shirts and carry class, the two toned checkered dress shirts come checkered with solid long sleeves and a designed inside collar and sleeve.


The Widest Array Private Label Dress Shirts That Men Should Have In Their Closets