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Why is it Worth Investing in Slim Fit Flannel Shirt?

Flannel is a soft woven fabric originally made of carded wool or worsted yarn. But nowadays these are made of wool, cotton or even synthetic fabric. There are various grades of fineness in this material. Flannel shirts are those made of this fabric but at times these are also mistaken for shirts with tartan or plaid pattern. Although these shirts are available in all kinds of sizes and fit, it’s the slim fit flannel shirts that are more popular. These shirts look exceptionally well on the lean and slim. These are universally worn and loved by people of both gender.

These shirts are worth investing in for the following reasons.

All season round wear

These shirts can be worn in any and every season. In spring summer, you can wear these shirts as any other normal shirt. Since the fabric is soft, it’s quite comfortable to the body. During winter, you can wear these shirts over a warmer or under shirt or even as a jacket with buttons open. Another way is to wear it like any other shirt and then wear a smart pullover over it that is preferably solid colored since the plaid pattern is already there inside. With the collar out, the look of the shirt and the pullover is mutually accentuated.

Any bottom would do

The best part of these shirts is that you don’t have to invest in bottoms separately. You can wear it with denims, cotton pants, shorts, leggings and even skirt. In fact, at times just changing your bottoms gives you a new ensemble for the very same shirt. In this particular aspect girls are luckier than boys as they can team it with more variety of bottoms.

Easy to maintain

Since this is trendy attire and is mostly sought by the young and carefree, it has to be easy to maintain. Unlike pure cotton shirts, these do not wrinkle that much. Hence, you don’t have to spend that extra hour or money in ironing or getting the shirt ironed.

These slim fit flannel shirts are available with the manufacturers in plenty of color and style options. Look for a reputed manufacturer online who can give you quality stuff. You shouldn’t be looking for cheap prices only as that could mean cheap quality products as well. But buying in bulk would definitely make it reasonable.