Wholesale Designer T-Shirts Are New Age Customer- Pampering Tool

Tired of your manufacturer who goes on supplying the same old-fashioned ‘uncle looking’ t-shirts which is indeed in fashion, but definitely not quirky or alluring about it? Looking for a change? Looking for wholesale designer t-shirts manufacturer cum supplier who are not old school? Then make a thorough search online to pin down a top-rated supplier. Designer t-shirts are not something which is only associated with girls or boys, man or woman or kids either, it has become an universal trend which is spreading around the globe as fast as a hare and it’s time you win over your customer with your revved up stock.

Designer T-shirts

When you filter the search process and select one of the top-rated wholesale designer t-shirts suppliers, you get something funky, quirky and modish for all age groups. One just has to be young at heart to wear them. Some of the kinds are so named :

  • Comic T-shirts – If you think comic t-shirts are only for kids you are highly mistaken and out-of-date. With introduction to Avengers, Superman, Hulk, Batman, Spiderman, Cat woman, Black widow, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy and the Comic con exhibitions, new designer t-shirts are supplied all over the globe. Different t-shirts are manufactured for different age groups and gender. Super cute Tom and Jerry, Doraemon and Nomita, Shin Chan and the like are specially designed for kids. Similarly wonder woman, Black widow, Cat woman are for the women and young girls, the rest Superman, Batman falls under unisex. Comic t-shirts can never go out of fashion and it is indeed for every age and every gender; anyone who is young at heart.
  • Captioned T-shirts – Captioned are the next level of creativity which one can think of. From the manufacturers to the customers have to decide on what they are buying in order to stand out in the boring crowd. Some of the captions which are highly in the go now are ” Hollywood picture, captions like “Eat, rave, repeat” from the famous trance music, “Fred Face”. Drugs might be illegal to use but bringing the dope in the t-shirts is not illegal at all. Drug captions like “Rehab is for quitters”, “Weed illustrations” icons, Bob Marley images or quotes and the like. Special made for girls are equally ground-breaking and unique. Giving examples of a few are “pugs not drugs”, “squats? I thought you said let’s do shots”.
  • Printed T-shirts – The most common combination of prints with plain and plain with prints has been the top most trend from time immemorial. This has come with an innovation in different fashion and styles like plain t-shirt with printed piping and collars or printed pocket.
  • 3D T-shirts – One of the specialties of the new age manufacturer is that they are using their grey matter and coming up with innovative 3D t-shirts which looks remarkable and stupendous. Every T-shirt is unique in its own kind.

Apart from specific prints there are different fashion as well like printed or captioned sweatshirts, vests, hoodies and the like. So what are you still waiting for, just order your supplies from one of the uptown wholesale designer t shirts suppliers and observe how your loyalists just lap it up all that you offer with a sunshine smile!

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